Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All my posts just seem so far away...

So this past month has been totally disastrous for posting and I apologize to my lonely faithfuls who have been checking every day, or maybe multiple times a day.. maybe.. so thanks to all of you who have been checking and I apologize for the giant lack of posts..

Since my birthday on November 15th I have had every intention of submitting posts, and had hoped to churn out a decent sized wonderfully written something at least a few times a week but that didn't happen because I had so much school work to do I was so out of words every week I just couldn't bother myself to lift a finger to the keys even for the sake of fun or writing contest (which I didn't finish by the way :( oh well there's always next year...)

I've decided to give you a list of all of the written assignments, essays large and small that I have submitted this term (so from September-December 2010) mostly so that you have an understanding of why I stopped posting around the times I did and also so I can finally compile it all together and look on it in wonder..

So, where has the term gone you ask? how much work does a 4th year English an Cultural studies university major do in a semester??

From October 5th until November 3rd I wrote and handed in 3 small 500 word assignments or- as one of my professors fondly named them- "Very Short Papers" (VSP for short).  I also submitted 15  responses of 200-250 words two courses which were written and turned in weekly all term.  From November 3rd til December 6th I wrote and submitted major essays of varied lengths and values which span across many a topic and have left me absolutely spent!

So you can see how insane my months have been I will lay out each essay by due date and give you the exact topic and length.  If anyone would like to see my papers on any of these topics please e-mail me and I will gladly send or post (depending on demand) OR if you wish to discuss or have me discuss any of these topics in a post I will oblige just comment about it or e-mail me at Onward!

My Academic Writing for 2010: (By Due Date)
OCT 5th - English 2I06 (Modern British Literature); 500 words (VSP) discussing the theme of Masculinity in the novel Prester John by John Buchan.

OCT 6th- English 3Wo3 (Contemporary Native Literature in Canada); 500 word essay:  In the video "If The Weather Permits"- Inuit youth are shown as being caught between contemporary Canadian society and traditional cultural values and beliefs- Briefly discuss the significance of these conflicting ideologies as presented in the film.

NOV 10th - English 3R06 (Post-Colonial Theory, Culture and Practice); 1500 words explaining the following quote by Edward Said, "The Orient was Orientalized not because it was discovered to be "Oriental"..., but also because it could be- that is, submitted to being- made Oriental".

NOV 16th - Cultural Studies 2S03 (Spectacular Bodies); 2500 words discussing the following quote by Michel Foucault, "One had to study what kind of body the current society needs", explaining how power functions to produce specific kinds of bodies in a particular socio-historical context.

NOV 22th - English 3W03 (Contemporary Native Literature in Canada); 2000 words: Spirituality and religion are predominant themes in many of the words we are looking at this term.  Discuss the impact of Christianity on Aboriginal communities as portrayed in Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing and at least one other poem, short story or video. What effect has it had on traditional beliefs and contemporary Aboriginal identity?

NOV 24th - English 2I06 (Modern British Literature);  1500 words Focusing on Mrs. Dalloway AND Jessie Pope's "The Call"&Siegfried Sassoon's "The Glory of Women", discuss war as a gendered sphere of action & experience. How is was, both as it is conducted and as it is experience, shaped by ideas about gender (i.e femininity and/or masculinity) & gender relations? How does war shape gender relations & ideas about gender?

DEC 6th - Cultural Studies 3AA3 (Gender and Sexuality: Queer Theory; Queer Lives); 2500 words that Compare and contrast the analysis of queer life in two thinkers of the course.  Engage their positioned with an eye to bringing out how and why there are these differences. 

I know, your overwhelmed just looking at this list and the various and challenging topics.. or you might be laughing at me behind my virtual back as you finished scanning through the list.. either way.. Yes I successfully wrote to the finish of each word limit for every aforementioned essay/topic.  On top of this daunting list I wrote 1 short response every week for English 3R06 (Post-Colonial theory...) AND 4 responses for Cultural Studies 2S03 (Spectacular Bodies) which were submitted to the same Professor, whom i love so very much and am thrilled to be able to continuing dealing with into next term! Take a bow Dr. Chakraborty!!!

Now Thankfully, my exams for semester one do not begin until December 15th so I have some time off now in which to rest and gather together the bits and pieces of my shredded imagination, dust off the old creative brain and get into some good writing :D

Come November 15th I will be writing final exams for English 3W03 (Native Canadian Lit)@ 12:30pm AND Cultural Studies 3AA3 @7pm.  A short days later on November 17th I will write the winter midterm exam for English 3R06 (Post-Colonial theory).  Then finally, on December 20th at 7:30pm I will write my final exam for Cultural Studies 2S03 ( Spectacular Bodies).  And I CANNOT WAIT to be Finished!

I know I was all excited come November 1st to compete in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, but alas! my essays and readings got in the way and tapped me out of words.. I scarcely wrote  3000 words for my 50 000 word month long novel, thus making November 2010 my worst year for the competition since I begin it in '08.  But I will continue to strive to achieve this impossible goal and hopefully I will be able to blog about its success in 2011.. maybe. Who Knows...

So now you know where my days have gone and where my days will go before this term officially ends and 2010 as well. 

I will try to keep posting more regularly now since I have the time to get back into my nightly posting habit..  So please, keep reading and keep commenting and e-mailing.. you know how I love feedback!

Thanks again to all of you who do read my blog, to my 2 followers and to my nightly faithfuls (you know who you are ^-^)... time for some sleep.  Night

Cristina <3

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Anonymous said...

Yay for all your papers being done!!! Now for exams! And then the semester starts all over again. As I mentioned to you, it's not that fun for profs to read all this stuff either. That's what Nicholas is up to right now - trying to finish marking papers before he has to mark exams. If it's not fun for you to write one paper, it's not fun for the prof to read that one paper times all the people in that class. So, take some consolation in that! We're going out for a walk now to brave the Peg cold. Fifin is still going a bit crazy, so hopefully the walk (and more hopefully still, the nap in the stroller) will do her well.
Nice chatting today