Friday, December 24, 2010

My Family Christmas Week Part 2

So things have been crazy as expected today..  I went to the gym to do a session with my sisters trainer and I am exhausted from it.  We worked shoulders, arms, legs, and abs today.. I'm definitely going to feel it tomorrow but you know what they say - no pain no gain.  The gyms motto is Train Hard Or Go Home!. .I intend to live up to that phrase :)

Within the next few hours I will preparing myself and my sisters to go to our churches for mass.. I am excited and nervous, and I really just want to get it all over with... but the night is young and I haven't much time for wallowing in laziness so onward to glory!

I've got to write some letters before I leave, and I have to straighten my sisters hair and do my own, there is still a few gifts to be wrapped for extended family and of course much merriment to be had! What a Night indeed!

What are you doing for Christmas?

I am going to church, to join my friends, family and loved ones in rejoicing in this wonderful night! Exciting!!!

We celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am so excited! My family didn't do gifts this year for tonight- as i've said already we are doing gifts after boxing day... but I think we have finally learned what the true meaning of Christmas is no presents, no buying, just giving of yourself 100% unto the Glory of the Birth of Our Lord and sharing the joy with all your loved ones.  Christmas doesn't come in boxes, can't be wrapped in paper and is definitely not bought in a store - though some would argue on that fact..  Christmas is within us- like the Who's from Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas (p,.s i watched my 30 minute old cartoon version of..such a classic!) Christmas Day Is In Our Grasp, As Long As We Have Hands To Clasp!

Here are some pictures for you all to see our decorated trees and our finished Presepio's.. Enjoy!

Family Tree at my House

Tree at my Grandmother's House

My moms Presepio

My moms Presepio

My Nonna's Presepio
 The trees and nativity scenes were done by many family members working together and they might not be store perfect, but to us they couldn't be any more wonderful and perfect as they are!

I Wish you all a Blessed Christmas and I hope the Baby Jesus brings you happiness and joy!

After Midnight mass, our family gathers around the Presepio to sing a traditional Italian hymn/pray type song which goes somewhat like this...
"E Notte Di Natale, Su Nel Cielo Brilla Una Stella, Fra Le Tante E La Piu Bella...  La Stella Si E Fermata Sopra'l Tetto Di una Capanna Do've Bimbo Gesu Fa La Nanna!"

From me and my family, to you are yours, i wish you all;
Feliz Navidad!
Buon Natale!
Merry Christmas!

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