Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good-Bye Winter Exams!

I'm finally free! My Exams for 2010 are over and I am so relieved.. want to know why?

I'm the lucky owner of a wonderful shiny red nose, sniffles, a fairly bad cough and running/stuffy nose! Yes that's right! I've caught a wonderful winter cold! Ugh!

I'm so exhausted because as i'm sure you all know, sleeping with a cold is next to impossible... and this day seems like it went on forever!  My brain in friend from this exam and being sick I am just so burnt.. Thankfully it is all over for this term :)

I am looking forward to Christmas, as I am sure you all are too!  I have so much present making and buying to do, and we're still decorating around the house but it will all be fabulous very soon, I promise i will upload pictures ASAP!

I also want to upload a little Christmas cheer for all my faithfuls out there! So look forward to an upcoming surprise!

My lovely sister got on a health kick a while ago and she's lost 70 pounds and now she's trying to get my other sister and I motivated..so she bought me 4 sessions with her personal trainer for my birthday/Christmas and she got me a session tomorrow at 12! Ah! and now I'm sick! Ah! Let's see how  I feel in the morning.. Ugh! right now I feel sick, but I hope I can pull it together for tomorrow cuz I really wanna start on this training thing and get my body back into shape.. I hate running the stairs and being out of breath!

So i'm gonna go get some rest now and I'll hit you all up later!


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