Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My First Session

Today I attended my first gym session with my sisters trainer -who is now my trainer- and it was rough!

But So Satisfying!!!!

As you all know by now, I've got a cold, and this made working out quite challenging as throughout the hour session I had to continuously stop or pause to blow my nose, or at least wipe it as it was definitely running, but my trainer (weird to write/think/say that) was patient and pleasant with me about it, and was deeply concerned with my over exerting myself if I had a fever or body aches and pains-which I did not have thankfully!

I was able to survive this first session, but it was challenging.  I haven't worked out since January of last year and though I've noticed my body changing and the numbers on the scale increasing, I hadn't realized just how much i was out of shape! Well all that is going to end and I've proudly taken the first step to initiate this wonderful change!

I never thought in a million years that I would be working out with my sister though, as she was previously not the type to be found sweating it out in the gym.  But she decided it was time to get healthy and change her lifestyle and feel better in her body, and she was so successful I am so very proud of her achievements!  She never thought she'd be in the gym working out with me either, as I always seemed unmotivated especially when she nagged me about it ( haha jokes T. <3) but I went today - thanks to her wonderful gift of 4 training sessions for my b-day- and I am now so pumped and ready to go for this!  Thanks SIS!! XOXOXO

Although my night last night was difficult- as it is always impossible to sleep when you have a cold- I was able to suck it up, put on my track pants, strap down my chest and get moving.  And you know what? My cold was temporarily relieved during the session, all but the randomly running nose.  I didn't cough, or sneeze once, and my head felt better. 

There will be more to come about my sessions, I'll try to give more detailed reports of exactly what I'm doing in my workouts..

I am definitely going to feel the pain tomorrow morning though.. i was forewarned by my sister and my trainer, and I know it from past personal experience too.. so.. that will be fun.. let's see how much sleep I get tonight and if I can at least move my fingers tomorrow then it will be okay.

I'm going to listen to some music- currently hooked on Celtic woman singing Christmas carols...here's a link if u want to check them out- I intend to eventually figure out to upload videos but for now I will simply post links and if you are truly interested then I'm certain you will check it out



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Anonymous said...

Good job! We're sorry you're sick again. Hang in there. I almost got sick two days ago, but was somehow able to fend it off, thankfully. I would not have been impressed if the three of us would have started all over again! Anyway, we're glad you girls went to the gym together, that will help encourage both of you to stick with it.
lots of love