Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sitting In The Library...

Sitting In one of the university libraries and secretly wishing my Gender and Sexuality prof might come down with some rare disease which puts him in the frame of mind to give everyone a perfect grade on the final exam... Also praying i remember everything and that the clock I'm constantly staring at said 6:14 rather than 4:14..ugh

Half tempted to sleep for next 2 hours...

wish the universe banned all exams!

loathing the next 3 hours...

totally angry at self for having forgotten headphones at home... way to loud in here to study effectively..

so mad at self for putting more effort into previous exam last night....

kid sitting beside me looks like he's 14..they just keep getting younger and younger....*sigh's for own lost youth*

going to stop complaining now and get some work done... might post again after tonights exam..maybe

Be happy you don't have to write exams..


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