Monday, December 13, 2010

First Snow Fall Of The Year!!

On December 12th, it began snowing and the snow stayed on the ground for the first time in our little part of ON and I was really excited!! I decided that the first snow fall of the year would be something fun to blog about therefore around 10pm (Dec 12th) I took pictures of it, as well as on Dec 13th around 3pm so you can all see what lovely snow we got (and keep getting).  The first three pictures I took during the late evening, and the following two were taken earlier today. Enjoy!

I just want to point out that it was VERY COLD  and continuously snowing both times I was taking these pictures so I hope you all enjoy them and appreciate my sacrifice...hehehe

Shout-Out to Dr. & Mrs N.P.G and Faffelonia!!!  Not as much snow as you all have in "ipeg" but we had -20 below with the windchill and that snow was a-whipping everywhere! 

Hope you are all enjoying the weather,

Stay Frosty

C <3   

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Anonymous said...

We're so glad you have snow and cold, finally! Although, company re: misery with weather doesn't actually make one feel better! Oh well. Thanks for the pics
lots of love