Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

It's the fifteenth day of the eleventh month of the year two thousand and twelve.

An hour and twenty minutes ago today, my mother was in the hospital bringing me into the world.

Today I am 23 years old.  God, thank you for giving my parents the ability and the desire to create a new life.  Mom, thank you for carrying me for nine months and for bringing me into the world.. thank you for your scars and pain. I owe you my life.


I woke up and turned on my computer so I could blog and start writing my novel again... and when firefox opened up I was given a most wonderful and curious surprise!

This is what my Google homepage looked like...


So thanks to the wonders of connected technology, with my gmail and google+, Google in its wonderfully thoughtful (or thoughtless??) wisdom personalized my Google homepage! When I scrolled over the image to see why it was birthday-i-fied, I saw my message! I then proceeded to Google "how to take a screen shot with windows" and then I took a picture. My cell phone just couldn't capture it clearly enough... Anyway its cool and It made me smile!

I also got wished a Happy Birthday by my 3 year old niece- I don't think she's said it herself to anyone of our family members before me so.. GO Me! Who's the favourite aunt now?!?!! 


Well I hope you have a great day, I am going to be writing the day away and I hope I can knock off at least 5000 words. Wish me luck! 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Working 9 to 5"

Last week one of the parishes I belong to celebrated its 90th anniversary.. which was insane!

The pastor and secretary asked me to help out in the office and were willing to pay me for some of the hours which was cool... I ended up working something like 70 hours from Tuesday to Saturday and then on Sunday we had the celebration in church and at a fancy reception hall in our city.. my brother in law sliced his hand before mass started- he was helping the florist bring in the church vases and it was wet and the lady going up the stairs ahead of him stopped abruptly and he lost his grip and the glass vase shattered in his hands... so on top of the hysterical sister I had to deal with, I still had to check with coordinators, help priests with their vestments and sing for the Bishop! My bro-in-law is fine, he went to the hospital that day and got his wound cleaned and all is well. I thought my sister was going to faint on me during the mass- its traumatic for a young bride when her new husband gets injured.. or so I'm told.

So After singing the mass with my sisters, I got roped into helping at the dinner togive ticket holders their table numbers. And as per usual it was chaos! We had 560 people, so of course it was a giant mass of unruly absurdity but we managed to get through it and there were no injuries to be reported there thank God.

Needless to say I had a busy first week of November which hasn't calmed down yet. I've been going into the church office all this week to because the mass book for 2013 just opened and its chaos in there again! We had two funerals and three masses to sing from Monday onward this week which has been great but vocally exhausing. And I also got an interview for a store in the mall I applied for back in early September which was scary but exciting. I'm still waiting to hear from the manager and I can't stop staring at my cell phone waiting for the call.

So because of all this, I've only been able to clock in 4000 words on my novel for this years NANORWRIMO but I'm looking forward to a productive weekend of literary abandon! So though tired and weak, strained and lacking sleep I shall endeavor to write on faithfully- even I don't finish my novel til Feb 21st like my NANO word count tracker tells me!

Happy writing to you all..


Nanowrimo: the first week

We are now just over the first week of NANOWRIMO and I've written 4000 words. Not the best start to my novel but were moving along- even if it has been at a snails pace. I am really beginning to enjoy my novel and while I haven't had much time to write it, I am going to continue trying my best to make it to the 50k finish line...

My novel is a sort of pseudo-memoire/personal history and in it you read about two people's lives that run parallel to one another's. A 25 year old woman receives her beloved and now deceased Aunt's journals and discovers much about the life of the woman she grew up loving and admiring that she never believed could be true. The recounting of her aunts life takes place in journal entry form which is not date or time stamped. The niece discovers that life for a woman in a small town (hers) and life for a woman from the big city (her aunts) are not so very different as she thought with regards to love, emotions, coming of age and change; spirituality, age and sexuality, relationships and the future. She realises that anyone and everyone can have a "tainted past" and still live honestly, in goodness and remain close to God. The young woman also learns that while in some cases (in her life and her aunts) blood runs thicker than water, it is still possible to break the restrictive and constricting ties that bind.

All in all it should be a very rewarding novel and an emotional rollercoaster for this aspiring authoress :D

I wonder if it will be on the bookstore shelves one day...

Forward... write!