Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sew What?

This morning I got up around 10.. I had breakfast and watched some shows on television that have been airing since waaay before I was even born and are about stuff I have no working personal memory about.. but hey, its always good to reflect on "the good ol' days" right.. right??

Any who, I watched Emily of New Moon, a Canadian television series based on the novels written by wonderful Canadian authoress Lucy Maude Montgomery who is famous for the Anne of Green Gables series which has become a Canadian phenomenon (P.s can you believe Anne is 100 years old?- insane right?).  Emily of New Moon is set out in the East Coast of Canada in the early 1900's.  The story is about a little girl, Emily, who goes to live with her relatives in, yes you guessed it, New Moon- which is the name of the Murray family manor- because her father can no longer take care of her and her mother passed away.  She is a bright whippersnapper which a creative and overflowing imagination and the books and tv series take the audience through her daily life with all of its colorful antics and quirks, commotions and troubles, joy and sadness...  Emily wants to be a writer when she grows up- maybe thats why I connect so well with her....hmm...

Every day she writes a letter to her father explaining her life at New Moon (though, she doesn't send them..) in delightful detail and her writing tends to get her into trouble with family members and friends... It's all very thrilling.  There is enough drama in each one hour episode to make you die laughing, cry your eyesout of their sockets, scare you, anger you and keep you wanting more! and the best part it, there is little to no violence and blood involved! Ah! Now that's good television!  Call me old fashioned but I just love spending an hour of my day curled up on the cough under my afghan seeing what hilarity or trouble Emily and her best friend Ilsa will get into.

For a more recent turn of things, my family and I LOVE watching M*A*S*H, an American show based on a mobile army surgical hospital in Korea during the war in the 1950's.  With the gang of zany doctors and nursing staff, the likes of Captains BF Pierce AKA Hawkeye, John McIntyre AKA Trapper,  BJ Hunnicut AKA Bje,  Majors' Margaret Houlihan, Frank Burns, Charles Emerson Winchester, Colonels Henry Blake and Sherman Potter, Enlisted men Walter AKA RADAR O'Reily, Maxwell Klinger, Fr. J. Mulcahy and the lot, This show really shows the insanity and destructiveness of war and the hilarity of the human condition.  If you have yet to watch an episode of M*A*S*H I suggest you do so now.. It'll have you in stitches within the first 10 minutes and you'll be so sad to see it end...

Beyond watching TV, I decided to be nice to my sister and fix some of her clothing which no longer fits her after having lost over 60 pounds! I worked tirelessly on taking-in tee-shirts for her yesterday so that she didn't have to wear tents to work-out in the gym, and I raided her closet today and took out everything and anything shirt-wise that needed to be or could be altered.  I spent 5 hours turning 12 shirts from 1X or 2X size into XL or L so that she can wear them right now instead of worrying about having no clothes to wear to work anymore and having to shop for new stuff that won't fit in a few weeks anyway once she drops more weight..  Now I'm no professional seamstress, I have a sewing machine and I know how to use it enough to make table cloths, pot holders and place mats and curtains, hem jeans and dress pants, shorten skirts or dresses, attatch decorative material,  repair rips and fallen seams but I am no where near advanced enough to be altering clothing.. but surprise surprise, with al ittle imagination and a whole lot of patience I was able to do it! and if I may say so myself, the shirts look pretty dark good! My sister couldn't believe how professional they looked, and trust me I had to take it in 2-3, sometimes 4 inches on each side, and work with sleeves and all kinds of fabrics and shapes but I was able to do it and she couldn't tell the difference!  I was able to make her happy and feel better about how she looks because it was eating her confidence.. and you cannot face a full day of being a supply teacher if you are worried about ill- fitting clothing and when you wear the same purple dress shirt to 4 different jobs it starts to get on your nerves...  So anyway, we're both happy and that's what counts! Good deed done for the day! Go ME!

Sorry, A little pat on the back and a high-five to my ego there ... i'll try to let it get to my head again.. soon..

So, that's my rant for tonight.. hope you all enjoyed my post from last night..and you get a chance to read and comment on this one too.  As always, feel free to comment on my posts about anything, or e-mail me if you want to know more or discuss something/anything i've posted about.

By the way, if anyone needs their pants hemmed, shirts taken in, skirts or dresses shortened, or is interested in some table cloths or curtain for the new year please e-mail me and I will be happy to work something out with you.. I assure you my prices are the lowest you will find any were, virtually under a dollar. Cheers & Thanks


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Anonymous said...

Yay! We heard all about how wonderful your shirts were - as if new, not altered. She was so happy (she said it like 10 times) that you were so nice and did it all on your own, not with her asking her. She was very impressed. Good job for you! Now, to get to that pesky studying for exams! love from me and Faffles