Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Will Towards Men...

Just a little post Christmas Shout-Out to Dr. Smarty-Pants ( You know who you are) The Happiest Of Happy Birthdays To You!! May This Year Bring You Happiness, and Love and May The Good Lord Bless You With All His Wonders!

-Love All Of Us Here In The Hammer!

Another little message about Christmas Cheer and Good Will Towards All Men that those of you with big hearts  might find interesting...

My sisters and I were just on the way home from the gym ( had a crazy awesome hard workout with my trainer...wooo!) and we were in the van stopped at the traffic light.  There was a woman in an electric wheelchair on the sidewalk two lanes away from us on the left side.  She had many things with her on the scooter and among these was a bag of toilet paper rolls.  My sister in the back noticed that the toilet paper bundle had fallen off.  So after some persuasion my sister who was driving opened her window and shouted, motioning to the lady that the paper had fallen off.  The lady waved a Thank You and tried to reach over and retrieve the fallen item, but she was rather short, and the chair was high up, plus she was on the slope of the corner and she was sadly missing her legs from the knees down so there would be no way she could get off the scooter and pick it up.  We were 3 lanes away with oncoming traffic so we couldn't do anything but watch.  Then! This young man (mid 30's) pulls up in a little car at the stop lights right beside her.  He surely saw my sister pointing and talking out the driver side window and he realized the lady was having trouble SO he got out of his car (left it running but thankfully there were no cars behind him) jogged over to her and helped her with the toilet paper.  As we watched this we were all filled with great joy!  My sister pointed out that someone else in the lane over from them had also opened their car door to get out...  HOOOOORAY FOR HUMANITY!!!! ALL IS NOT LOST!!! 

This is a great example of how just one person (or in this case, a few people) can make a difference.  Usually (statistically proven by sociologists,) only 1 out of 5 people will stop to help someone in need, and the odds are even worse when there is an emergency... Incredible, people will just ignore it, turn a blind eye, keep walking ,and do Nothing.  But in this case, +4 people realized there was a situation and did something about it. either by noticing and making the lady aware, getting out, or  starting to get out to help her.  Thankfully not everyone is a selfish blind person wandering this planet in their own little world (you know who u are!).. So a Great CHEER FOR EVERY DAY PEOPLE!!! 

So to take some words from one of my favorite musicals, "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog" , Captain Hammer sang it right when he said that;

Everyone's a hero in their own way
In their own 'not-that-heroic' way

Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone's got something they can do
Get up, go out and fly
Everyone's a hero in their own way

Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone can blaze a hero's trail
Don't worry if it's hard
If you're not a friggin' 'tard, you will prevail
Everyone's a hero in their own way
Everyone's a hero in their way 

  So I hope you enjoyed this post, and it brought you some extended holiday cheer, or at least a cheery feeling that the world is not completely horrible and if you drop your toilet paper on the street and can't get it by yourself, someone is watching and waiting to help you..hopefully..


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