Monday, August 27, 2012

Another sleepless night..

Tonight I went to visit my cousin and we read LOTR part 1 together and when I returned home I was in desperate need of sustenance. So post-shower I decided to make pb&j quesadillas and watch Julie & Julia.  The perfect ending to a predictable Sunday.

My day went as planned.. woke up early, went to mass at 11:30am, then home for lunch-made amazing veggie risotto with tons of butter *mmmmm*, then off to mass again at 3pm for ridiculous saint feast day.. didn't get home again til 5pm.  Sat at my piano til 7:30 playing through musicals; Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Les Mis, Once More With Feeling (Buffy musical); and relearning The Ballad of Sweeny Todd. Absolutely wonderful to play without interuption for hours on end :) Then I visited my cousin, then home to shower and satiate the munchies I had.

Its now after 2am and this is my second sleepless night this week. Something about weekends messes up my sleep patterns I guess. Maybe I have too much good food and stimulatingly interesting company..

Since I spent the past 2 weeks reading Julie Powell's novel, I have been waiting to grab my mothers beloved copy the books film adaptation and revel in the hilarious jocularity that is Meryl Streep as Julia Child. She's such a wondrful actress whom I never get bored of seeing on screen! Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci are simply wonderful in their respective roles as well- so good infact that I could not see anyone else playing those parts. Thanks to the movie and of course, Julia Child, I am now inspired to become a butter -loving foodie.. but will restrain myself on account of feared potential butter-weight *nervous giggle* so have decided instead to ensure productivity this year and will begin book blog post haste! Thanks for sallying forth my will power JC and JP <3

I am now ready for bed and am praying that my silly internal clock doesn't wake me up at 8am again for the 7th day this week! Isn't it bad enough that I wake up with the sun streaming through my bedroom window- because lucky for me, my bedroom has two windows both facing East. *sigh* wish me luck tonight..


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another week goes by..

I didn't realise how fast time was passing until I got to the end of Julie/Julia and woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning. Sometimes its astounding how lifes moments just fly by when your not paying attention.

On Thursday I went to visit my brother at work and a window of opportunity opened up for me. They are hiring but its sort of hush hush- anyway, I took an application and brought it back avec resume the next day and now have my fingers crossed. Hope that things will work out because I need work. In October I have to begin paying back my terribly large OSAP loan and I can't very well do so if there is no money coming in.

Yesterday after dropping off my stuff with my brothers manager, I wandered in Reitmans and dropped off a resume as well. They're not hiring yet but they will be come mid september so hopefully there's opportunity there too.

So far this weekend is going well, I spent last night wandering around Burlington in good company.. we ate, we walked, we sat and people watched and talked of everything under the sun- or in our case..moon :) The air was warm and the breeze off the lake delightful. If I could do it every night until winter I would be content. Alas, all good things must come to an end.. summer winds go as quickly as came and leave the winter chill behind them. While I'm not opposed to sweaters and big mugs of coco, I love the freedom of flipflops and tee-shirts because sweater weather again only lasts so long.. then its back to boots and coats and trudging through ice and slush and snow to get anywhere.. but why am I complaining.. I love Canada.

Well, I am going to post my 2012/2013 reading list soon and I cannot wait for September to start my year of literary abandon!

Happy weekend to you all!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You are what you eat..

Thanks to reading Julie Powell's novel before bed last night, I woke up this morning with the desire to create something culinarily spectacular.  So I ventured down to the family kitchen only to realise the fridge held little more than 2 eggs, a cup of milk and a bag of 12 grain sliced bread. Well, I wasn't about to let my productive mood go to waste! I found a bowl, a fork, the small whisk and a frying pan and set myself to work. Luckily, there is always an abundance of sugar and cinnamon in the cupboards and butter-o-plenty in the fridge.

Before I even realised my luck, I began whisking together the eggs with the milk and upon adding the sugar and spice found myself creating a very nice french toast breakfast. I heated the pan and in very Julie/Julia fashion, threw in some large scoops of butter and melted them down. In the bowl of eggs etc, I soaked a slice of bread and threw it into the hot pan to toast on both sides.

I made 2 and a half slices like this, sprinkling more sugar ontop and eating them with canned pineapple on the side. They were so delicious, I didn't even share with the bees!

Felt so good and productive and culinary artist- Julia Child and Julie Powell-like that I took a picture of my masterpiece to share.

Check out the colour on my french toast...Hope it doesn't set your mouth watering too much!

Simplicity at its best to make- more a dishes dirtier than anything but absolutely the perfect no-fuss fancy breakfast idea.  


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My first step into Literary Abandon...

Over the past 2 weeks I began doing something that I have not done since April. I began reading.

I also began doing something that I haven't done in over a year... I began reading a novel for fun.

I divulge this to you because now I am absolutely obsessed with witty fiction-pseudo reality based novels written by women.  And I've become a literary fiend once more! My current partners in crime are Julie Powell and Helen Fielding and their respective novels.

My cousin E and I began reading Bridget Jones together last week and I couldn't put it down after tasting the initial 5 chapters. I finished the novel in an evening, completely immersing myself in Bridget's world.  The following evening, my cousin and I decided we needed company who understood the pangs and sorrows that come with being a "singleton" and so we endeavored to watch both films based on Helen Fielding's novels; Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

This spurned forward the need to reconnect with my "chickness" (Erick Matthews, Boy Meets World) and so I began hunting through my book case for further pieces of feel good chick-lit and female empowerment.  I stumbled upon my brand new-never-read-because-I-was-too-busy-when-I-bought-it- copy of Julie Powell's Julie & Julia and proceeded to split its tightly closed spine.

There is something to be said about falling in love in literature again- You just never know when the "love bug" is going to bite you... I've been bitten before of course- as my gently loved copies of V.C Andrews novels will tell- but never after such a dry-spell.  As many of you Humanities BA's out there will certainly understand, you don't have much time to read for your own personal pleasure 8 months out of the year because you're too busy reading what they want you to. Movies based on literature- which are popping up by the dozens in today's day and age of cinema- are throwing young and old back into the written word at an increasing rate.  I'm ashamed to admit that upon having watched Julie & Julia (2009) about 50 times, I had neglected Julie Powell's novel.  Back in June, I picked it up at my local bookstore for a very good price. When I had had the shiny new copy in my hand and stood before the "Employee's Picks" section of the store, I realized something horrible... I had become a victim of the cinematic experience. At that exact moment, the little book worm in my head dropped its worn copy of Dracula and opened its mouth in a silent scream. I took home three new books that day.
My much loved copies of V.C Andrews novels
My new copies.. loved as well, just not as hard *hehe*
As you know, my sister and I just renovated our shared bedroom and the differences between us are astounding. From the bed table to the bookcases, it is clear who is the book fanatic. Check it out...
              Mine........................... My sisters

Spidey McSpidington III
My sisters Le Petit Prince collection... 
Top of my bookcase :)
Top of my sisters... ... 0-0
The bed table.. from the middle to the right is all my stuff..

My sisters side table..
My side table. 
Darkula a.k.a Darky
I think it's clear to see who the book-worm is in the room... *cheers!* I'll put Darky up against any picture frame any day!! **sorry S* But getting back to the point of this post, books are my passion and I aim to feed that passion until the day I die...  Or can't see anymore... Thank God for audio books!!! There are over 200 titles on my bookcase and I intend on reading (and re-reading) them all. I will be posting a list of my alphabetized shelves (yeah, im a nerd who shelves her books in alphabetical order by author last name...) and intend on posting as I change texts.. it's going to be a fantastical year of literary abandon! 

P.s Can't wait for November when NANOWRIMO starts up... this year is going to be my best, I can feel it!!! 

Anyway, keep reading and drop me a comment or two so I know i'm not entirely alone out here in the  world wide web.. 

Happy book trails to you all <3



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who's up for some renovating???

At the beginning of this month, my sister and I decided that it was time to re-evaluate our situation now that our other sister was married and out of the house. More importantly, we now had to redistribute the free space in our shared 160 sq foot bedroom. So we figured out a plan to not only change the space around but to do a complete transformation... change the paint, change the flooring and get new furniture. It took just over 7 days with the help of my favourite cousin (ejm. u know who u are!) and some other muscles now and then but now its August 11th and the room is finally totally completed! Now what your going to read and see may shock you, even have you in total disbelief but don't let yourself be troubled... it was all DIY- 80% of it by 3 very resourceful and stronger-then-they-appear women.

So at the start of a very warm Tuesday, my cousin and I began packing and removing the stuff from the bedroom. My sister readied some bags and boxes for give-away and we took everything down into the living room which then became full of stuff. It took us almost 2 whole days to clear the room of stuff and then we had to take apart furniture. Check it out!

living room full of stuff...

After removing the furniture from the room, we worked on getting the carpeting off of the floor which was no easy feat.  Beyond having to constantly move and work around that giant armoir in the picture, we had to deal with all manner of tacks and staples.. without work shoes cuz flip-flops is how we roll *relieved giggle*
The Carpet before we ripped it out..
The Foam that was under the carpet once we ripped it out..
Fun Fact: Did you know that carpeting is held in place on the floor by (typically) either glue or tack boards?? Yes ma'am it is! Let me tell you, we learned just how fun it is to remove carpeting... loads. *cough-sarcasm-cough* But check out the fruits of our labour...
The Wood Flooring under the previous two layers..
Tack boards that were not all   tacked but also nailed to the floor.. 
And did I mention we had to put dry wall compound on the walls to fill ALL of the holes?? I lost count about an 1/8th of the first wall...  We "spackled" and sanded and painted before tearing out the carpeting?? of course during this process you can't help but become one with the dust and fun stuff.

After we sanded the drywall compound down- the following day- we went to the hardware store and picked out the paint and flooring. Now keep in mind that we needed to purchase and transport at least 14 boxes of laminate flooring from the skid to the cash, from check-out to the vehicle, from the trunk of the car to our upstairs bathroom. Sounds monumental no? It was psychotic!! But we felt more like Women after all that heavy lifting and moving *hehe* Go Us!!

After some tiny disagreements and stubborn moments the floor was installed properly- the second time around- by a family friend and one of our cousins (the 2 guys make up the remaining 20% in regards to who renovated) and we managed to keep the reno-momentum going by bringing up all of the boxes from your favourite store and mine... IKEA!!  We had purchased a new bed frame plus mattress, two side table drawers and two bookshelves along with a small table- everything in the classic Black/Brown IKEA colour.  Each piece matches with the flooring wonderfully and the colour on the walls pulls it all in somehow.  I was a bit concerned when my sister wanted to change from our true blue to a lighter, brighter variation but between that and her other choice (cappucino brown) I like the purple that we ended up with. Check out our awesome painting job!!
The linen closet door and wall are the old colour. The door turned white and the wall became the colour on the right. 
The space between the closets mid-repaint. 
The drying of the first coat on the windows wall. 
A glance at the new flooring and wall together. 
We took out the large cumbersome armoir at the end of the story- even though we had worked around it all week) because it not longer fit in the room with the new bed in place.  Surprisingly the room seems smaller because of the redistribution of space.  I can't believe we ever had three beds in the room. Absurdity! Well we spend two days opening boxes and putting together furniture but it was worth it. Here are the various pieces that are now apart of our masterfully renovated room:
my cousin with one of the two bookcases. 
My laptop sitting on one of the newly built bookcases. 
The frame of the bed frame.
The movable bed table that I built at 1:30am. The wheels went on the next day. 
The finished bedframe avec mattress.
the two bookcases and the small table. 
The bed, bed table, right bookcase and jewelry armoir are all black/brown. 
The linen closet door, now white. 
Et voix-la! The Finished Product :)

Although it was a lot of stress and pain, hard work, sweat and tears... we did it!  The room looks better than ever and I am proud to say that we did it ourselves.  All it takes is a little willpower, some cooperation and loads of hope.  There were no injuries to report; physical, mental or emotional and everyone ended feeling rather pleased.

Renovating the room ourselves brought my sister and I closer together and definitely closer to God- every minute someone was praying hard *hehe*.  It also gave us a chance to become closer with our wonderful cousin- EJM we couldn't have done it without you and your extensive know-how and hands-on abilities!! WE LOVE YOU TONS!!  Even though my cousin and I swear that we could have put in the flouring ourselves- as we had originally intended- it was fantastic of the guys to give their time and effort to our cause.  R&G you guys are the greatest!!! It was hotter than hell in our room and outside but you both came through for us- sorry for making you sweat :D XOX

So there you have it.. the room is finished now save for some paintings and a mirror that have to be secured to the wall and we are content.  I thought I wasn't going to be accomplishing much this summer beyond my sisters wedding but somehow the Lord gave us the strength and encouragement to take on such a monumental task even during the most horrid heatwaves.  Thank you God, for giving us the strength and endurance, the courage and intelligence, the ability and willingness to create together.
I am so pleased to have been writing this post from my new room, on the new bed with the help of the bed table that was the best purchase I've made in a long time!! Hope you've enjoyed coming along the Reno Journey with us.  Comment or e-mail, I'd love to hear from you :)