Sunday, January 22, 2012

Honestly, I just Don't Get It!

If you're reading this and wondering what the "It" is.. just keep reading 

In all seriousness though, I'm supposed to be writing up my presentation for a seminar I have tomorrow.. but it's no use! I'm stumped and frustrated. Thankfully it's only worth 20% of my final grade in the course but it's giving me more stress than necessary.

I'm supposed to be presenting on an article written by a number of smart people for 8-10 minutes without giving any kind of summary but simply looking at a few sections of it and commenting on it in relation to the major themes of the course... easier said than done.  The course is entitled "The History of Cultural Studies" not likely an easy topic.  And to be quite frank, I'm more a fiction, not a theory buff.. which means I'm going to get hammered tomorrow.  My only saving grace is that the guy who went last week managed to survive merely talking for a few minutes and asking 2 overly stuffed, incomprehensible questions to a dumb founded group of 20 supposedly intelligent upper year English majors and standing in silence for a good 5 minutes waiting for the professor to intercede and break the humiliating silence. 

Talk about stress.  I'm following that guy and probably to the grave.. 

I also have no drive, since this weekend I made a terrible mistake in judgement and stayed up late Friday night watching the newer Phantom of the Opera movie with Gerard Butler ( you know you love him!) until 3 am and then sleeping 2 hours to wake up and turn off my insanely set alarm clocks to then turn them off and roll around half an hour before catching another 3 hours of useless sleep.  By the end of last night (sat) I felt terribly light headed and nearly passed out twice.  Furthermore, the 9 hours I received last night didn't help and I woke up groggier and a terrible boomerang headache.  My eye balls have been burning since..

Well here I go plunging into an article that I am certain will have me constantly referring to my Oxford E.D a couple thousand times throughout it's 15 pages..

Wish me luck.  Gah! *sighs loudly and endures knowing glance from sister next to me while the little person in my head begins running around with arms flailing and a head in flames*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a Weird Day for January..

There is nothing like having high winds and rain in the middle of January... honestly I'm beginning to think we'll have snow in July- not that a cool summer is a bad thing (hehe) but then I'll have to make my sister a cape to go with her wedding dress.  which would just be a shame.

So what am I up to tonight?  Well instead of reading or working on some necessary stuff for any of my 6 courses I've decided to take some time to myself while being constructive.  I'm currently watching a very entertaining movie, one that allows laughter and smiles along with critical thinking and cinematic observation to be had.  I speak of no other than Mel Brooks' "Robin Hood Men in Tights".  IF you don't believe me watch it for yourself.

Did you know that Mel Brooks is one of few movie making giants who aims to keep the audience in check with reality and the falsities of the cinematic experience?  Certain objects, moments, incidents and acting motives are  strategically implemented to keep the viewer interested, entertained and in touch with the fact that they are watching a movie which is simply a portrayal of real instances, objects, incidents etc.  One might consider the work of Plato and the concept of mimesis to explain the purpose of movies such as the ones Mel Brooks creates.

Well that's all for now.. the movie doth await me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And It begins...

I've been struggling all week to get work done on the first seminar presentation for one of my new seminars and   I am finding the hardest challenges I have ever had to face.

The presentation for seminar is the shortest one's I will ever have this year- my final year.  The professor- whom I am absolutely stoked to work alongside of- made the seminar presentations in the format of 500 word responses which is slightly out of step with the usual 8-15 minute presentation requirements of other seminars I have encountered and am currently enrolled in.

Now you might be saying to yourself... "500 words is nothing!" and in comparison to the 2500 words that was the average for seminar presentations as of last semester, you would be correct.  But do not let such an "easy" word count fool you.  It is definitely proven- in the case that I've done it before- that writing anything in 500 words, getting all our your points across and having to do it as succinctly as possible is no easy feat.  In fact it requires a lot of work, stress, concentration, screaming, yelling, pain and overall discomfort.

Luckily i decided to present my first of two seminars the first week (ie tomorrow) and I say "luckily" because the readings for this week are simply poetry selections and not an entire novel.  But considering I was not really given much instruction and when asking for some guidance was not provided with much help from my fantastic professor, I am facing a great issue... the question that has been my brick wall the past 36 hours has been thus: "do I respond to simply one text of poetry? Or do I choose two and respond to them simultaneously?"  *sigh* the answer to which I am still unsure.  And yes, I present in approximately 10 hours.

Anywho, I just hope I can survive the next couple of hours and get myself in bed in time to catch atleast 6 hours of sleep.

Sherman Alexie why do you conflict me so??? *sigh*


Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Minute...Some 2012 Motivation

I received the following motivational message in an e-mail on Dec 31st from a very wise friend who understands that importance of not sweating the little things... So take "a minute" to read as it is Definitely worth thinking about when wondering what to do with your time during this brand new year.

This minute is the most important one, because this minute is the one you
can use. There is so much you can do in this minute if you'll simply allow
the best possibilities to unfold.

Let go of the regrets and guilt and resentment you've carried with you from
other times. See how foolish it is to be held back by fears about days that
have not yet even arrived.

Think of all the good things that truly mean so much to you. 
Give your focus to those things, and make use of this minute, right now and
right here, to expand on that goodness in your world.

Don't be concerned about what might or might not be, or what others might or
might not think of you. Live instead from your authentic center, and make
this minute one that adds value to your experience.
Though you may have good excuses for holding back, use this minute to move
forward. Though the effort will not be easy, your life is worth the trouble.

This minute is filled with promise and possibility. Right now is when you
can transform it into real and lasting value, so do.
- R. Marston
"We make choices to survive but we still have to survive our choices. Choose wisely." ~Ky-Mani 
Not everyone has a right to speak into your life.  With some people you spend an evening: with others you invest it. Don't waste time on a dead-end (M.C)

I hope you all have a wonderful 2012 year and it brings you fantastical challenges, trials, fears, joy, peace, successes, happiness, sadness, pain, pleasures, excitement and wonder!  Take the time to appreciate the life you have and the world you live in.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!!!