Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2 months since last post... so sad

Its been slightly over two months since i last posted and I cannot believe I let all of May pass by without even a single tiny post...  It kind of makes me sad.. I thought I had things going well but as always the end of April transition into May kills my writing.

If you're interested in what i've been up to lately, well its a bit crazy and complicated and totally unexpected but in  the beginning of May I had my upper jaw surgically expanded and now im going through the continuous recovery process..  luckily being young and healthy has assisted my recovery and progressed everything at top YAY! the sad part is, the expander (a.k.a SARPE) that is glued to my top molars and sits just below the roof of my mouth has to remain in position until December (approximately) so looks like I will be dealing with the fall of my final school year with it in..  As if things weren't going to be annoying or complicated enough, I will be having braces bonded to my bottom teeth the last weeks of August..

Now, the main reason for the expansion was to ensure a proper orthodontic treatment to fix my terribly misaligned teeth and to stop the premature waring down of my back molars... It is already a tiring and trying process and will get even more colorful I'm certain once the expander is out and i'm sporting top and bottom braces for 2 years (approx).

I promised myself I wouldn't post a rant about my tooth issues so I won't.. but rest assured there will be more to come about braces and my ortho treatment once things get moving again.. right now im on a 10 week pause period..

ANY WHO! I am soo super excited by I was finally able to get ahead of the game and register for my 2011/2012 classes!!!  trust me.. it's a big deal for a procrastinator... for the past 4 years I have meandered about piddling away the summer until it is late July having yet accessed the server termed "SOLAR"  to make my course selections for the following September.. which ALWAYS resulted in my needing to speak a department academic advisor to ensure I get into the classes I was required to take.. so Go me!! SOLAR opened up for 4 and 5th level humanities students June 7th at midnight and though it took me nearly 24 hours I was finally successful in gaining access to the constantly busy server and I chose all my courses..therefore securing myself a spot in my required classes and attaining the proverbial early-bird worm *smiles proudly*  I'm nervous and yet excited to start school again come September.. I have level 4 seminars and I'm allowed to overload by 2 classes (if I wish) because I'm in the final year of my program which is a great help since I'm down one class from last term... so fingers crossed and here's hoping I can juggle 11 classes this year and graduate June 2012 with honours!!!

I know.. I know! I'm a nerd.. it's okay.. if I can admit it, then it's a step closer to acceptance...

I had the greatest fortune to sit around all of May and do nothing but delve into my fiction-fun reading!! But not i've run out of new books to read.. my sister suggested I start going to the library instead of buying new books but there is just something soo wonderful and invigorating about walking into a bookstore and picking up a clean fresh never-been-opened paperback that makes my eyes glisten and my body buzz with happiness...  I know they're just a little bit too trashy but i've been into cheesy vampire romance novels lately.. I love them for all their craziness though i've been chastised for reading them by an academically astute family member who understands my interests in all things vampyre and strongly suggests I do more academic based research since I want to get into the folk lore and history, and I should see what other more"academic" types are saying and thinking and writing about this phenomenon of vampire culture that's captivated this century and beyond..

speaking of vampires and vamp culture.. I finally caved a purchased the 1931 Dracula starring none other than the magnificent Bella Lugosi as our seductively evil Prince of Darkness...  I also bought two other decent versions... 1974- Dan Curtis' DRACULA starring Jack Palance as the good ol' Count.. and the third version is from 1979 and stars Frank Langella as Count Dracula with Laurence Olivier(wooo!) as Van Helsing!!  Over all I am quite pleased with my purchases.. I've to date watched 1931 and 1974 but come this weekend I will have watched all three... sadly they cost me a stupid price as I caved to buying retail instead of just ordering off amazon.. so yeah..burned a hole into my pocket.. oh well, Can you really put a price on greatness?

Well, to sum up.. I'm looking forward to more posts for the month of June and I apologize for my blatantly ignoring (the un-glorious month of ) May... forgive me?

Farewell and Good Night


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