Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I've come to the conclusion that Wednesdays are at the top of the "worst day of the week" list.. and there are many reasons why...

1-takes too many letters to write it out
2- too tricky to spell (even for some adults)
3- prolongs the end of the week because its smack dab in the middle..
4- reminds people that there are still 2 days  to go til the weekend
5-makes the weekend seem farther away because its "only" weds
6- tricks you into thinking you have tons of time before the week ends when really you don't..
7- often times, feels like the longest day ever and has you wishing it were actually Thursday
8- reminds you that the week is already passing by but not yet over.. I always find myself discovering and often exclaiming in some slight surprise that its "Wednesday again*..
9- its the day that is the hardest to stay focused when doing any kind of task.. your thoughts tend to drift to "how much longer til its Friday?"
10- seems to be the day in my week where everything starts out perfectly fine and ends in a completely failed burning wreckage... Always.

So now you know why I hate Wednesdays....

All in All today though a Wednesday went rather well... almost.  I went with my family to take my 2 year old niece to the African Lion Safari where we got to drive around on a "safari" watching all different wild and exotic (captive) animals in their "natural" habitats... we saw lions and cheetahs, leopards and monkeys who like to jump on your vehicle, sticking their gross monkey rear-ends up against your windshield and hanging onto your door by sitting on the side view mirrors... We got to elephants bathing, giraffe grazing, some crazy birds, emu and ostrich, goats, deer, zebra and many more creatures... It was tons of fun! Then we took my niece to the parks Splash Pad and spent an hour in the 40 degree (Celsius) blaring sun wading through sprinklers and kiddie pool areas.. I got a nice sort-of tan and got to watch my niece discover how to swim moving backwards and how to use your hand to make a little fountain squirt water out really high.. 

It was interesting really, seeing her at only two years of age being able to interact and co-exist in the play areas with other children of different ages... kids are so adaptable and resilient (most of the time).. I wish I was more like that.. I wish adults were able to be like that... adaptable and tough, open and sharing, cautious and yet completely free with actions and thoughts... if only adult life and society were like a children's splash pad.. maybe there'd be more peace in the world.. maybe the biggest thing we'd ever have to deal with is scraping our knee when we fall down, not wars and corruption.... *sigh* alas tis merely wishful thinking..

 As i sit here staring at the computer screen, my eyes wander over to the wall beside me where upon hangs my Nightmare Before Christmas themed calendar  and thinking.. I can't believe it's already June 8th... and its Wednesday again..*groans* and I still have yet to do anything productive this summer... If this keeps up I'm going to remain in this vacuum of procrastination and doing-nothing-ness for the rest of the summer...

can't wait for it to be Thursday.. maybe things will get better.. probably not *sigh*


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