Friday, June 17, 2011

Who Cares About Thursdays?

I certainly don't.. going through Thursday makes it take longer before I get to Friday :(

Today I spent over $100.00 on a CHI hair straightener for one of my favourite gal cuzins- Lord knows I love her... I owed her a birthday gift and I promised a sweet one so that was it- two months later- oh well she was soo excitedly happy and pleased and couldn't stop smiling so much her face probably hurts now So it was well worth it... and I get dibs to use it whenever I want too .. so It's all good :)

Giving feels good...  I like to give to my family and friends and the odd stranger or street urchin *giggles* and it makes me happy when I can make others happy... DO you like to give? comment/e-mail me about it!!!

Just finished watching the bestest movie from my childhood ever... Anastasia!!  What made it even better was sitting outside in the backyard on the deck with some family members and watching it in the cooling night air..  It's soo muggy here tonight, at the least there was a nice chilly breeze.   The moon is supposed to be out and big and bright and beautiful but thanks to smog and over-cast we didn't see it.. oh well.. there will be other moons and other nights to see them.  Honestly, laptops/portable computers or dvd players are the greatest inventions ever for hot nights when you don't want to be stuck inside in a stuffy room with a squeaky fan and no A/C :D Thumbs up to the person who invented portable electronics!!!

I've finished going through my e-mails and usual nightly internet haunts.. nothing interesting tonight.. no one cool online to chat with..  Gonna call it a night I think..


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