Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday.. Again..

and I'm home with my parents... cuz everybody's busy working but me *sigh*

Sat around playing guitar and recording some new videos to post on YT - use your imagination if you wanna find me *sticks out tongue*

To respond to one of my previous posts comments- Yes! I eat eggs with my teeth.. If it wasn't for scrambled eggs I'd be so low on protein and utterly lost for breakfast foods so yeah *sticks out tongue again, at anonymous poster*

Didn't realise I was popular until I had 26 unread e-mails sitting in my inbox.. guess thats what I get for not checking for two days.  Most of it was spam anyway *sad sigh* guess i'm not as popular as I thought.

Can't believe the week flies by so quickly when I don't post much... kind of sucks cuz now it's the weekend again and in another week June will be over and it will be July and I'll have but two months of summer vacation left before September school hell! 8runs around screaming flailing arms*

Anywho, Gonna go spend some "mommy" time before getting back to guitaring and video-editing and chatting and all that fun stuff I do when im home alone bored..

please comment and e-mail and a giant THANKS! to all of you who commented last time - would be nice if I knew who you were.. maybe you might consider putting an initial at the end of your comment or some kind of identifying tag so I have an inclination of who is reading me.. or hey how about this.. E-mail me when you comment! or With your comment!  *giggles*

Take care ya'll,


Anonymous said...

whats your you tube account ?

Anonymous said...

FOUND IT! its the same as your email :)