Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers...

The month of April is finally upon us and it is extremely difficult to believe my fourth year in university is almost over! save four pending final exams...

What's your April like? Well, so far mine involves a lot of rain and gray skies with random outbursts of sun and 12-16 degrees of warm humidity.  Also, I have four final exams to complete between the 7th and the 19th, and then this school year will be over.  It seems like only yesterday I was blogging about the start of the year and the classes I was so excited about taking...Now, with many essays over and done with, many marks to be celebrated and some still to achieve, final exams to study for, books to read/re-read and lecture notes to figure out, I find myself nearing the end of quite a wonderful, stressful, ultimately enjoyable journey.  So much work still to do and fingers crossed, I have achieved the GPA (Grade Point Average) that I require to remain in my program (ps don't EVER let yourself get put on program probation because it sucks!!).  Here's hoping!

I hope the rain goes away soon because it puts me in such a sad mood, and I am even more unmotivated than usual (hehe).  It also makes my hair frizzy and going around on campus with wet shoes is just annoying.. plus the humidity seeps into all the buildings making classrooms damp and sweaty feeling..eww

My first exam is for Postcolonial cultures: theory and practice, 4 days after that I will be writing the final for my Jane Austen lit class ( So sad to see it end!! XOXO Dr.J.K), a few days later is the final for modern British lit and im asking myself " who has an exam at 2 in the afternoon?" but such is life... my final of final exams on the 19th is also at 2 pm for native American lit and in our final lecture today the prof whom i absolutely adore (mad props to ya, Rick!) invited everyone to join him at our campus pub after the exam is over- So Awesome!! He's the coolest prof ever! A trip to the pub to chill with epic profs and have a last big to-do is a great way to end the term off on a good and happy note..

My goal til the end of April is to maintain my sanity (or whatever is left of it..) and finish the year off with my dignity and academic reputation intact! Wish me Luck.. I'll post again around my first exam, feel free to e-mail me or comment, I'd like to hear whats going on with you!   


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