Friday, June 17, 2011

What a Night...

It's Finally Friday and i'm home eating pasta hanging out with my fav gal...  Decidedly agreed upon by all party's that living at home with your parents often can be.. well.. to put it bluntly.. It Sucks!

I forgot about eating today (hhehe) and my sister had yelled at me for it earlier, so at 9 o'clock this evening I decided to make some pasta, cover it with sour cream and go to town!  It's taking me forever to eat- as you all know- but it's still quite satisfying...  You should try it.. super eeasy recipe.. boil pasta and just add sour cream *giggles*

Anywho, gonna listen to some tunz, make a bit more of a rucous and get me rents a bit more cheezed off before bed time.. early morning... gah!


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