Monday, September 27, 2010

When It Rains It Pours!!!

Why is that everything that could possibly go wrong in your life all happens in one week or on one single day?

Somebody call the Karma Police on this one!  I did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this downpour of depression, conflict, sadness, confusion and pain i was bombarded with today.

I know I'm bellyaching, but today has been the most terrible day in the existence of days! OK Who's got the Gripe Water?

All day i've dealt with nothing but school issues, stupid scheduling conflicts and new tutorials to speak in without a fully functioning voice. 
On top of that I've got assignments coming up and i need to do massive ammounts of reading the next 4 days or I will never get everything finished! 

Running on 8 hours of sleep over 24 hours!! So Exhausted!

Then, to top it all off, the person you want out of your life ( who wants to remain in your life desperately) contacts you incessantly only to annoy you with their stupidity.
And Then! You find out that the person you DO want in your life (desperately) will be out of it very soon. 


The cherry on top is that I've still got a cough/sore throat and my stupid body decided to forcibly join a spinning/cycling class this week!

Stick a fork in me.....I'm Done!


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