Friday, September 17, 2010

Attempts at starting to Blog

This is my first post, and I don't know if it will be any good or not but I hope for it to be ground breaking as it is the first in a long line of hopeful posts to come. 

 It is quarter to eleven pm, Friday September 17th  and I am finally able to get my first post out as have been trying since last Friday when I signed up on blogger and activated my blog spot account. 
I don't know exactly what I intend to blog about, as befits my title, I suppose anyone reading will just have to wait and see if anything interesting comes up...

I've decided that blogging is going to be a way in which I will be forced to keep up with my creative writing skills and I intend of maybe releasing bits and pieces, really just on the spot thoughts of novels and stories I hope to one day write down and have published into a book.  Keep your fingers crossed for me....

I have been trying to send my initial post all week but I've been busy... School started this week.. and university is no joke.  I'm in my second last year, so year 4 of 5 and I need to work really hard so I can get my degree at the end of April 2012 so that I can get a job in books, because books are my passion.  Without a good book to read I would definitely not make it through each day or week or month or even year... and thankfully being an English major enables me to expand my literary scope and read fiction novels as well as non-fiction (ugh) that cross many genres.  My favorite literary genres are horror, romance, gothic, fantasy, native Canadian, mystery and vampire ( if that counts as a standalone genre)...

I also write in the aforementioned genres, though i'm only just working my way through the first layers towards the depths of the literary abyss in any genre.  I have currently to date, started 3 novels.. none of which are yet to be anywhere near completion but hopefully will be soon.. I hope. Fingers crossed.

In this blog I'll be describing random thoughts, feelings, happenstances, occurrences and situations as well as my everyday encounters, issues, accomplishments, goals etc... You will hear tons about what I've recently learned, discovered or decided to find interesting and my commentary on the society I live in and popular culture of my everyday life....  You will also have the joy of knowing the who, what, where, when and why of what I am and will be reading, and what novels I am writing or at least attempting to well, I will be taking you through my painstaking journey of my university days this upcoming year.. so i hope it does not disappoint... some people find me funny... some don't. YOU be the judge. (hehe)

Well now you know a little more about me and it is now 11:22pm and I have to go to bed or I won't be able to get up in the morning to sing at church... did I mention that I sing at church on weekends and weekday masses? Lets pray my voice holds out as i've been quite under the weather the past 24 hours and sore throats do not help you hit high notes.

To whoever reads this first blog, thanks for your attention through my lengthy ramble... I promise the posts will get better...Please drop me a comment about anything.. I am totally open for infiltration and appreciate constructive criticism and new books to read.  

Cristina :[


Jorge said...

oh hi :D first your long email. now a long blog. i never read so much! but this is a good first step to our re-friendship.

Anthony De Feo said...

I thought I would go back and read the first blog you posted. I am so glad you opted to not have the red and black. I know how much you love those colours, and they're great, but not for this blog. The red and black background on the whole page is good enough;)