Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did you Know?

That there is an estimated 4x the amount of suicides amongst Queer teens in society today?

That in the 1960's it was perfectly acceptable for a policeman to physically/verbally abuse/harass and arrest a gay man or transvestite?

That these acts of violence were committed on a shockingly aprooved of and regular basis?

That in 1969 a bar full of gay men and transvestites fought back against the oppressing and violent police forces who regularly terrorized them?

That though gay people want the equal civil right to marry one other, Queer Theorists consider same sex marriage an accepting of hetero-normative cultural practices?

That accepting/being part of norms in society is exactly what Queer people are trying not to do?

That this is what I learned tonight in a 3 hour lecture in English/Cultural Studies 3AA3?

That I just inadvertently educated you about Queer Theory?

That it is time for me to go to bed?


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