Monday, September 20, 2010

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"

At times I wish I could go back to an age when I thought school was fun and I couldn't wait til summer ended and September started.  I still remember the feeling of excitement I used to have when it was time to go "back to school" shopping, and when I held that fresh brand new pack of pencils and that lovely white unspoiled eraser and stacks of binders just waiting to be filled with crisp sheets of lined paper...

Ah, how sweet it was, the carefree days of childhood...but sadly, too quickly it fades away.
Today I was trying to do some catch up work that I've neglected since school started last Monday, and being sick it was a grueling task to sit and focus when that song from Green day began to play in my head and in my brain resounded these words;

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

Which to this day have never been more true then they are right now.

It seems that elementary and high school students get to do fun reviews the first month of school and ease back into their learning for the new school year, while university students are shot through a cannon going from 0-60mph in seconds, so fast that if you blinked, then you missed it.

I am almost certain that it is not just (us) lazy procrastinators ( I say "us" as yes I am one of those) who have a hard time getting back into the rush of the first weeks in an undergraduate program but the "brains" must feel the heat as well.  Everyone takes a break from fast paced learning in the summer...don't they?

Someone today, actually a few people who are close to me, have given me encouraging advice on how September is in its final ten days and soon October will come and then that too will pass, until we have passed November as well and it is December break.  Well, as comforting as it may sound to hear that the semester which just started will soon be coming to a screeching halt, it is putting twice as much stress on the heads of (us) procrastinators who have just realized for the first time that September IS almost up! 

October brings the start of tutorials, small useless assignments, large horrifying make- or -break- you essays and midterm Exams, and that the middle of November will bring the nearing of dreaded Final Exams.  Personally. I'm scared.

I suppose I will just fight through it as always... but if you happen to see me running around downtown flailing my arms above me like a crazy person whose head is on fire and screaming, don't pity me, I'm sure I won't be the only one... so please feel free to go on with your business as I'm sure someone will eventually throw me into the gore park fountain and then I'll be fine :P

So until that breakdown occurs, I am going to sleep as much as possible, study as much as possible and suck up to my professors as much as possible. 

Into the arms of sleep I go.....wake me up when September ends..Please!


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