Friday, September 24, 2010

A 7 Day Journey

Once there was a girl, who on the seventeenth day of September of the year two thousand and ten decided to send words out into the never-ending universe of the Internet .  And thus a blog was born!

I hope this week has been as enjoyable for my readers as it was for me... I can't believe that these days have passed so quickly, and I know very soon I will be blogging about how much more time has come to pass, but for now I congratulate myself for this 7 day milestone.

Thanks to all my readers (you know who you are my faithful few) and to those of you who either posted a comment directly or e-mailed me commentary.  Keep reading and keep the comments coming!

You never know what you are capable of, until you try to do something new.  It is not in succeeding that we accomplish our goals, but in giving it our everything.  That is achievement.  To do and fail is better than not having done at all.

So thank you all for helping me accomplish my goal thus far.  I set out to bring you the random and the everyday of my life as well as of the world/culture/society around me/us..and I intend to continue doing so until either my internet shuts down, blogspot disables or bans me or my life is no longer random and my everyday is of no consequence even to myself.  As this is all more than likely not going to occur, you can all feel secure in knowing that there will be more blogs to come! and hopefully each one better than the next.

I apologize for the red on black and if that is fatiguing for people's eyes... I like it, i've gotten positive feedback equally to the negative and I don't think i'm going to change it yet.  I hope that does not deter people from reading my blog but if it does, then it is your own losses.  I also want to apologize if the length of my blog posts has caused boredom, fatigue, strain, annoyance or anger..i'm just trying to get my footing here, so bear with me.  Plus, if those of you reading my blog know me for me irl (in real life hehe) than you all know by now how much of a rambler I am.

So cheers to my first week of blogging and a toast to the week(s) to come!


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