Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drop that Cough...quick and cheap remedies

Seeing as I'm sick and today has been one of the worst days I've had since being sick (which began Thursday morning) I thought I'd share with you some inexpensive remedies, given me by an ethnic friend, for easing a cough and soothing a sore throat as well as warming you up and reducing chills and fevers:
(disclaimer- results may vary depending on the person physically and individual situations and circumstances. I myself have only tried the first remedy but so far so good.  Enjoy!)
  • Warm Coca-Cola: Pour half a can of Coke into a pot and heat it on the stove.  Once it is warm pour it into a mug and drink.  You don't have to boil it, but try to drink it as hot as you can handle it (the more heated, the more effective it is).  This remedy soothes a cough for about two hours.  If you use the whole can, you will have longer lasting temporary relief for up to approximately 3-4 hours. 
  • Poor Mans Neo-Citron: Cut a lemon into quarters (4 pieces) and put it into a pot of water(enough water to fill a good sized mug) on the stove.  Add a small-medium size stick of cinnamon and heat it all up until the mixture is boiling.  Once its boiled, pour the tea mixture into a mug and (cautiously, to avoid burns) squeeze the lemon pieces into the mug.  Then add a few spoonfuls of honey.  Try to drink it as hot as possible for the most effective relief of coughs and sore throats due to colds.   Drink it before going to bed for the night and it will help you sleep easier as your throat will be soothed and the warmth will help take away chills or fever temporarily as well. 
  • Cough-drops for easier sleeping:  Suck on a Halls or Fisherman's friend while in bed before falling asleep.  It will keep your throat moist and allow you 5 minutes of relief for that pesky cough or dry throat tickle as well as that blocked sinus issue that comes with colds.  You can repeat this remedy as often as needed throughout the night.  There is minimal choking risk as the cough-drop/lozenge will dissolve in your mouth even if you fall asleep. 
 The warm coke wasn't a bad thing, as some might think to themselves that heated pop of any sort might be disgusting, it wasn't at all unpleasant, in fact I rather enjoyed it.  Though I'm not much of a coke drinker on a regular basis but i've always found it way too fizzy but warming it up gave me the nice taste of coke without too many carbonated bubbles to fill my stomach.  I found that upon drinking it my throat was less sore and by the end of my half a mug I had stopped coughing.  My cough returned about two hours later, and my throat hurts again but the temporary relief was great!  Will definitely repeat this remedy tomorrow morning before going to sing at a funeral mass.

  As for the Poor mans Neo-Citron, I have yet to test this out, but I was informed by my ethnic friend that it is a family recipe used by mom whenever all of her ten children happened to develop a cold, cough, sore throat and fever and it always worked wonders.  I figured I'd let you all in on this recipe because all you need is water to boil, lemons and cinnamon (which you can do without if you don't have any at hand or it is too pricey for your pocketbook) AND it is definitely cheaper than going to the drugstore and buying a box of Neo-Citron tea (which in my opinion is absolutely disgusting and I don't know how anyone can drink the stuff. Eww!).  If using a whole lemon is too strong for you, or you think it will be based on your previous dealings with lemon or lemon flavored things, then all you have to do is use a half a lemon, cut in two.  The cinnamon is really just a flavoring instrument, but if it tickles your taste buds use as much as you like.  You don't have to put it into your own mug, but you can leave it with the rest of the tea that might be left over and just reheat it for another cup until you've drank the entire mixture.  You can can re-add lemons later on too.

Once I try making the poor mans lemon tea mixture I will let you all know how it went, if it worked, how I found it in comparison to other teas or remedies etc.  So stay tuned.  But I have the up-most confidence it will work wonderfully and allow the most sore, itchy throats and moist or dry coughs temporary relief enough to get some rest in.

At night when my cough is driving me so incredible crazy and water is not helping, I reach for a lozenge or cough-drop.  I've found that sucking on one while trying to fall asleep helps to alleviate coughing and soothes your sore throat long enough for you to be able to relax.  They are also great for opening up your sinus passages if you've got a blocked nose and you are not a fan of sticky  Vick's Vapor Rub. 

It's time for bed.  Its 10:50pm and I have to wake up early as there is a10am funeral to sing and 4 hours of university English classes directly following.  Pray for me to have the strength to fight this cold and battle lectures and readings this week... I will be praying for the recovery of all sick persons out there (cold/flu related and otherwise).  Remember, next time you open a door, hold onto a bus pole, pull out a seat or hand someone a pen think to yourself  "When was the last time I washed my hands today?".  Also, hand sanitizer can only go so far, so once you've blown your nose or wiped your fevered brow make sure to get to a sink and sing the alphabet in your head while you scrub up.  It's just good for everyone's health, especially your own.  Spread love, not colds.  A Speedy recovery to all of you out there suffering as I am.

Sweet and coughless dreams all...



Nicholas Greco said...

I've never tried the heated-up Coca Cola remedy, though you are tempting me to try it. I think, though, that it is probably the sugar that makes it work. I wonder if warm honey or something might work just as well (Coke is basically fizzy water with corn syrup in it - there's not much else in it). Anyway, I'm having fun reading your blog and it's making me want to write on mine (so I did this evening). Take care of yourself and kiss my girls for me.

Anthony De Feo said...

Good ol hot water, lemon, and honey work well for me. Also, little nonna's remedy for clearing up sinsuses: boil water, throw some tea trea oil in it, put it in a bowl, cover your head with a straccio(tea towel for those who do not understand the Italian language;)), and basically steam yourself with it. Works wonders for me!