Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blogging attempt #2

So it's Saturday and i am writing my second blog post.  So far, only one family member has told me they read my blog post from yesterday... I hope, as time goes on, more people read them... but I suppose if I can keep the interest of at least one family member I should count my blessings...

So how many of us as adults have played or witnessed others playing children's games like "tag", "stella-ella-oh-la" "double-dutch" or "hide-and-seek"?  I had the joy of witnessing children and my older sister playing an game of tag this evening, and I had totally forgotten, up til the point of watching them, how much hard physical activity it involved as well as how potentially harmful it can be.

Honestly, think about it, go back through the past 10-25 years in your memory and you are sure to recall a time when you were playing a "harmless" "fun" game of tag with your friends/family members as a child and you or someone you were playing with got a "tag" related injury such as falling, tripping, slamming into something (i.e tree, pole, car, table, wall, door etc), bumping your head, scraping your knee even twisting an ankle maybe.. I'm sure it's happened to the best of us.  And this game, "tag" has been around forever! Children today universally know of it, know the rules and play it.. 

Think about it, right now, somewhere in the world, a group of children are playing tag.  Weird.

Its not that children's games are meant to be harmful or violent, but many children have been involved in "play-related" accidents.  These "accidents" may happen due to the carelessness/meanness of you/your child or another child, or due to a neglected loose shoe lace or improper fitting clothing articles (i.e larger pants, shoes with no or little grip on the bottoms..etc).  Interestingly enough, one does not seem to realize how dangerous potentially, a game of "tag" can be until either you get hurt, someone your playing with has an "accident", or as an adult you witness "almost accidents" happen between your little niece and another kid... it stops your heart.... it freezes your blood.. crazy.

I suppose all games are fun, some are safe and some are not... such is life.  You will never know what will happen unless you try. Just let yourself go and have fun.. Sometimes having blind ignorance like children, can open up new (or old forgotten) worlds of games and fun... So get out there, and in the words of Miss Frizzle! MAKE MISTAKES! GET MESSY!  There's a big little kid in all of us..put down the brush and let him/her paint with their hands once in a while!

Til next time, play safe and have fun...



Anonymous said...

Considering you wrote this while maintaining a phone conversation, it is great to read! You keep writing, we will keep reading.

AFG and SP

Samuel Ramos said...

Great use of the ellipses ;)

And thanks for pooping all over the game of tag. The next round of tag with my mates will now be met with fear. Thanks.