Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Time On Campus

If you don't know already I am obsessed with taking pictures of nature i.e flowers, water, the sky at all times of day or night, trees, landscapes..anything and everything that is beautiful and magnificent or small and commonly known that exists within nature on this awesome blue and green sphere!

Walking around on campus since we've gotten lots of snow has been just wonderful!The university's grounds are beautiful any and every time of the year, in spring and autumn when the flowers are blooming, the magnolias and roses make you happy and feel at peace to watch them as you walk by, the green of the trees, the jaw dropping beauty of the large 100 year old willow trees... Doesn't it just make you want to sing?

Anyway, I was going to class in a building surrounded by a lot of grassy areas and trees with pathways cut through-out for students to walk on which lead to the different buildings and I just love the way campus looks covered in snow!  Everything is so white, and the areas between the paths are practically untouched so it seems like you're walking on paved bridges over magnanimous gleaming, shining brilliant icy lakes.  It steals my breath away.  The trees are lined and trimmed in frostiness, and students run about laughing while hurling snow balls at one another merrily.

While walking today I came up two large round balls of snow I was so surprised and then I began to feel filled with joy because I could just imagine the university students who wandered about rolling snow to create these large balls.  Naturally they are on the grass area in front of the Engineering building, where the usual random things occur or can be found such as Frisbee or soccer games, half built cars, men attached to large mechanical and wooden devices, numerous amounts of people all wearing the same color and shouting. tents for outdoor events etc.  Well I suppose no winter could be complete without someone making large balls out of snow.  The first ball is rather large, it would probably take 3 strong guys to lift it, and the second ball is slightly smaller.  It looks like they were attempting a snow man, a large snow man, but couldn't lift the second ball onto the first and didn't bother to make the head..or it got destroyed thus lack of head.

Anyway I thought you'd like to see some pictures of the snow, and trees around campus during this glorious winter season as well as the infamous giant snow balls.


I will definitely be getting more pictures from the campus grounds as soon as possible and i will post those as well- these ones were taken on my way to class so I apologize for the quality and such.  Please comment or e-mail me what you think - if you send me pics of winter around your area I'll blog about winter wonderlands again sometime soon.


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