Friday, January 28, 2011

Respect. Hope. Help. Support. Faith. Words Written in Common Spaces For Everyone.

Something completely everyday turned into something random and yet wonderful.  A plain and normal, ordinary bathroom stall in a woman's washroom on campus has turned into an extraordinary space for women of all university levels, experiences, faiths, cultures, beliefs and identities to come together and anonymously help, confess, heal, ask, answer, advise, teach, support and strengthen each other.  The wall was being used to write on by girls because bathroom graffiti is always en-vogue right? The university kept sending someone in to paint over the beautiful, hopeful and inspirational words.  Then someone got wise and got large white boards screwed onto the walls in both of the end stalls so that they wouldn't have to keep painting the wall over.

These white boards have come to promote positivity and feminism in a good way,  give advice from woman to woman, pass on encouragement, strength and support to those who have expressed fears and worries, nerves, pains and hurts etc.  It is a completely random but awesome way for those girls who can't talk to anyone to finally have a voice, be heard and hopefully get some help and for those girls who have many inspirational words and much wisdom to pass it down.  Problems get asked and solutions given in return by many different opinions and voices of different cultures, faiths and experiences.  Hurts get shared, common pains that girls face with love and life are expressed and acknowledged, self-esteem issues are discussed and reassurance given both spoke and unspoken. The ability to have your voice heard without prejudice or judgment is probably what gives most of the girls who have written the courage to do so.

I decided that I'd let my readers into this small space of a million words, thoughts, feelings, circumstances etc. So I hope you all enjoy the pictures, I apologize for their quality and clarity, it's hard taking pictures sideways squished in a stall and trying to avoid white glares and hoping they turn out well.


This is what you see when you open the door to go into the stall

This is a front facing view of most of the white board

this is writing left over from the wall that was not painted before they put the whiteboard onto it. Yay For Mutual Love and Respect!

Powerful Words Indeed! Especially for an audience that always tends to forget to love themselves.

a power eyes with scrambles of words and sentences spouting everything from randomness, hope and support to politics and words of warning for personal health.

Proof that every women feels alone and needs support in the worst case scenario- Proof that help, advice, support and love will always come when needed. This situation of pregnancy facing young single motherhood is a common one for women, put the love, faith and respect for life opinions shown here touched my pro-life heart. Pro-choice opinions were given here as well, but mostly Pro-life women fought back and took over the support system. Follow up in the lower right hand corner as the pregnant 2nd year student says she's keeping the baby and finishing school as far as possible. So Awesome!

More opinions from women commenting on this poor girls situation I.E big scrawly letters saying The Father Is Responsible isn't He? Make Him Involved!- bad or good, at least someone is listening and ready to help out right? it can't all be bad out there. Hope. Inspiriation. Support. A Better World Indeed.

The best thing on the whole board!!! Someone wrote up a positivity Alphabet from A-L, other people filled it in with messages of hope and inspirational words of love, peace, strength etc.  I filled in letters D, M & P!!

Someone else finished the alphabet from M-Z and more people filled in.  So Wonderful Go Sisterhood! Go Woman power!!
Another view from the door...

Writing on the back wall above the toilet.  The first thing you see, read clearly and acknowledge when you walk in.  I guarantee it's left so many women with happiness in their hearts and smiles on their faces after being in there.

I hope you comment on this post.. It's really important to me - when I use this washroom and frequent this stall, as I often do for it is in a common student area of the university, the little feminist in my head always runs around flailing her arms in joy and shouting happiness to the highest heights for woman power, peace, love, support, friendship, sisterhood and the common good of womankind!


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