Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day Of School..First Day Of School!!!

Second semester started today... and I had a very exciting day.  I went to 2 different class, one of which is a continuation from last semester.  I had post-colonial culture, theory and practice at 11:30 and then a 2 hour break until my last class at 3:30 which was native American literature. I am very excited for that class, it's with the same professor from contemporary native Canadian literature and he's totally awesome! During my break I had lunch with a few friends and got to enjoy some down time which was fantastic ^-^ It was kind of chilly out today but not too bad for January.  I had to leave my favorite side of campus (the arts quad) and go over to "ABB" which is so hidden, students don't find it until 3rd year or if they stumble on it accidentally.  It was quite a walk but it was good exercise and when you're in good company it doesn't feel too long.. takes about 10 minutes.

When I got home from school my sister and I went shopping for workout clothes and at 7 this evening we all went to the gym together (the three of us) and my 3rd sister had her first training session with our trainer.. My other sister and I did our work out together, including cardio, which was pretty good.  Although, working out in the late evening is a bit challenging because you're more tired from the long day and so you really have to push to reach your goals. But by the end of it you feel refreshed, relaxed and everything is OK :)

No Pain No Gain remember? hehe that's my new motto..

Tomorrow, I have 3 classes, modern British literature is a continuation from last semester but I have two new classes I cannot wait to begin.. the anticipation is killing me! I have to get up really early for my first class which is at 8:30am, but it is Modern Counter Cultures and I've heard it's one of the better cultural studies courses and It's really really good so I guess I don't mind the early start.  The other class is an entire course on the literature of Jane Austen which is quite good and very popular, though my literary sources have stated that Mansfield Park is not the best.. but I have not had the opportunity to read much from this author beyond Northanger Abbey which I absolutely adored!

I'm already behind in readings because my crazy post-colonial prof (whom I am quite fond of) thought people would actually do work over the break.. HA! Naw, I guess some people did.. but I really just wanted to relax especially after being sick, starting my workout and new healthy lifestyle and having to be with family all the time I did not have any desire to work.. though I did try.. I bought the texts and novels I would need and I brought one with me for a long bus ride.. but sadly I never opened.. points for trying? maybe? no? :(

Anyway, I'm going to get some sleep now.. I hope you all enjoyed this post and you keep reading.. please comment or e-mail me you know I love to hear from you all! Share your first day back stories with me!


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you feel refreshed and relaxed after your work out, and not stressed out just the same as a certain sister, who shall remain nameless.

love you all