Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course...

Completely random!!

I was downtown waiting for a bus to go to school  a few weeks ago and I saw two police officers (one male, and one female) on the side of the road just near the 1A king bus stop.  They were wearing fluorescent yellow jackets but there was something different, something odd about them.  What was it now??

Oh Yeah!!

They were on Horses! Like seriously sitting atop two very large brown horses! I was so surprised.  I knew about our city getting "mounted" police to patrol the parks and recreational trails and such but in the downtown city core? So Random!

Thought I'd share some pics with you, they're not the greatest because I was standing on the side walk with people around me, bus shelters and vehicles in my way and I was trying to be inconspicuous since I think its illegal to have pics of them- or maybe just illegal to touch the horses...hmm either way I didn't want a ticket for being a horse paparazzi.


This was taken with me on the side walk some 30 feet away- I know they are far away, my cells phone camera only zooms so far. Many pardons.

this was taken when i was finally on the bus and we drove past them- I was seated on the lower part of the bus by the back door and had to be creepy and zoom in past this girls head to get a good pic

So there you have it folks, the special forces ride again in our town.. it's incredible what the government will spend money on these days.. Just a fun fact- did you know that these police cannot do anything but ride the horse around while on duty? Seriously, they aren't even allow to dismount and get a delinquent or involve themselves in horse to car chase if someone goes through a red light.  All they can do is call for backup.  So really.. it's all for show.  Wonder how much training these police officers had to get to just ride the horse? talk about a useless profession- can't even lasso a bad guy let alone use your gun.  So tragic


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