Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frost Week! Some Good Ol' Fashioned Fun On Campus!

Frost Week at the university is kinda of like "frosh week" just a little bit less active..  These eventful weeks are times for students (generally first year students) to get together and get involved in activities that celebrate school starting up (again)- activities include, pep rallies, races and obstacle courses, parades and parties,  snow cone making, pop corn popping, and cotton candy spinning (all handed out to students for free) which is taken care of by the different faculty groups.

These faculty groups also have "reps", who are a number of students who apply and are chosen to represent that faculty.  At the university I attend the humanities reps are called "hummers", the social science reps are called "socs" and so on so forth, with each faculty having its own nickname for its reps and with each group wearing coveralls of different colour's depending on the faculty (the hummers are blue, the socs are orange, sciences are yellow/lab coats, engineers wear bright red, commerce wear green maybe..theres a lot ot keep track of).  Well, each faculty also tends to have some kind of wacky mascot, or there is someone who will dress up as (or be dressed up as) some form of being, object, fantastical thing that represents their faculty.  If you're in engineering, they usually send a couple of guys are with a large dolly-type cart thing that's been decorated and made to look like something interesting with someone on it.  They tend to go around the entire campus, 2 guys pulling this other one guy and yelling out at the top of their lungs representing their faculty.

SO TODAY I happened upon two characters from the faculty of science, who walked into the student displaying insignia of their faculty. One was dressed as some sort of comic book type hero/sidekick, in a black tee-shirt and shorts with a faculty flag hanging off his shoulders and a skin tight mask with slanted eyes.  The science faculties rep symbol is the toxic symbol that you find on chemicals.  This guys counterpart was also in costume, wearing black tights and black gloves with a black skin tight hood thing covering his whole head so you couldn't see his face.  He had on a bright yellow Sciences Faculty sweater (their rep colour) that also had the toxic faculty insignia on the back.  my "hummer" rep friend informed me that this man ( or the outfit anyway) is notoriously known as the Science Ninja.  I was a bit of a creeper, Like the university told me to be.. and I took pictures of him so that you could all see.  I apologize for the quality, he was rather far away and my phone camera's zoom isn't the greatest.  Enjoy!

P.s Here's a sign in my universities student centre which blatantly tells all students to Be A Creep and use social networking to keep in touch with people, see whose graduating and find random people from your classes so you can know what they're doing over the summer... It was put up about two years ago, so way before the general public knew anything about that "social Networking" move that came out but Way to play up to the sick fetishes of those potential and current "creeps" and "creepers" out there among the 230 000+ students and faculty! Now here's a university with a heart that simply cares about helping students develop to their full potential so they can become greater members of society.. Hope you didn't see that movie..  EEP!

So ENJOY the pictures that I took of random things on campus, if I see the science ninja again I'll try to get a better pic and maybe an interview for my blog.. or if I see any other zany characters I will post accordingly!

The large paragraph just talks about the positives of social networking for school, career, personal and business friendships.  So check out what your friends did for Christmas, find someone from your classes and "creep" them over the summer.. Stay in touch with people and maintain semi-personal relationships/business interactions.. Go Be A Creep!
This sign is on the right side of the Be A Creep sign It's the universities way of ensuring it's so called "smart" students understand what social networking forums to use. The circle around it says to go to the student career centre if you need help trying to figure out how to get into social networking- please! that's one thing students DO NOT need help with!
The Science Ninja! Best Thing I Saw ALL Day!!! Sorry He's among other people and I was far away.  Do you like the back of the guy in the gray hoodie's head? That green arm/elbow in the pic belongs to my "hummer" friend and science ninja informant hehe.  The guy to the right of the yellow sweater spandex toting ninja is his sidekick- i'm assuming because he was wearing the sciences insignia flag tied around his shoulder..he's standing sideways and there was a person in the way or else you'd have been able to see his costume too.. Sorry. EnJoY!

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Anonymous said...

Science ninja?!?! Creepy!

I've never heard of frost week, nor did I EVER have free cotton candy at Mac. If DR S-P hears about this, he will be UPSET. You know he LOVES cotton candy.

I laughed at the social networking thing - seriously, as if a student would need help with that!!! Well, although, I do know some recent university grads who aren't that tech savvy - poor you know, she's really getting talked about on these comments.

I enjoyed reading about your first few days!

Anonymous said...

You know how when you go to post, you have to type out that security word? Well, the last two I had to do here were:

tomasies (towmater, Angie Tomasic)
tarilli (taralli).

I just had to laugh!