Monday, August 27, 2012

Another sleepless night..

Tonight I went to visit my cousin and we read LOTR part 1 together and when I returned home I was in desperate need of sustenance. So post-shower I decided to make pb&j quesadillas and watch Julie & Julia.  The perfect ending to a predictable Sunday.

My day went as planned.. woke up early, went to mass at 11:30am, then home for lunch-made amazing veggie risotto with tons of butter *mmmmm*, then off to mass again at 3pm for ridiculous saint feast day.. didn't get home again til 5pm.  Sat at my piano til 7:30 playing through musicals; Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Les Mis, Once More With Feeling (Buffy musical); and relearning The Ballad of Sweeny Todd. Absolutely wonderful to play without interuption for hours on end :) Then I visited my cousin, then home to shower and satiate the munchies I had.

Its now after 2am and this is my second sleepless night this week. Something about weekends messes up my sleep patterns I guess. Maybe I have too much good food and stimulatingly interesting company..

Since I spent the past 2 weeks reading Julie Powell's novel, I have been waiting to grab my mothers beloved copy the books film adaptation and revel in the hilarious jocularity that is Meryl Streep as Julia Child. She's such a wondrful actress whom I never get bored of seeing on screen! Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci are simply wonderful in their respective roles as well- so good infact that I could not see anyone else playing those parts. Thanks to the movie and of course, Julia Child, I am now inspired to become a butter -loving foodie.. but will restrain myself on account of feared potential butter-weight *nervous giggle* so have decided instead to ensure productivity this year and will begin book blog post haste! Thanks for sallying forth my will power JC and JP <3

I am now ready for bed and am praying that my silly internal clock doesn't wake me up at 8am again for the 7th day this week! Isn't it bad enough that I wake up with the sun streaming through my bedroom window- because lucky for me, my bedroom has two windows both facing East. *sigh* wish me luck tonight..


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