Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another week goes by..

I didn't realise how fast time was passing until I got to the end of Julie/Julia and woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning. Sometimes its astounding how lifes moments just fly by when your not paying attention.

On Thursday I went to visit my brother at work and a window of opportunity opened up for me. They are hiring but its sort of hush hush- anyway, I took an application and brought it back avec resume the next day and now have my fingers crossed. Hope that things will work out because I need work. In October I have to begin paying back my terribly large OSAP loan and I can't very well do so if there is no money coming in.

Yesterday after dropping off my stuff with my brothers manager, I wandered in Reitmans and dropped off a resume as well. They're not hiring yet but they will be come mid september so hopefully there's opportunity there too.

So far this weekend is going well, I spent last night wandering around Burlington in good company.. we ate, we walked, we sat and people watched and talked of everything under the sun- or in our case..moon :) The air was warm and the breeze off the lake delightful. If I could do it every night until winter I would be content. Alas, all good things must come to an end.. summer winds go as quickly as came and leave the winter chill behind them. While I'm not opposed to sweaters and big mugs of coco, I love the freedom of flipflops and tee-shirts because sweater weather again only lasts so long.. then its back to boots and coats and trudging through ice and slush and snow to get anywhere.. but why am I complaining.. I love Canada.

Well, I am going to post my 2012/2013 reading list soon and I cannot wait for September to start my year of literary abandon!

Happy weekend to you all!


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