Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My first step into Literary Abandon...

Over the past 2 weeks I began doing something that I have not done since April. I began reading.

I also began doing something that I haven't done in over a year... I began reading a novel for fun.

I divulge this to you because now I am absolutely obsessed with witty fiction-pseudo reality based novels written by women.  And I've become a literary fiend once more! My current partners in crime are Julie Powell and Helen Fielding and their respective novels.

My cousin E and I began reading Bridget Jones together last week and I couldn't put it down after tasting the initial 5 chapters. I finished the novel in an evening, completely immersing myself in Bridget's world.  The following evening, my cousin and I decided we needed company who understood the pangs and sorrows that come with being a "singleton" and so we endeavored to watch both films based on Helen Fielding's novels; Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

This spurned forward the need to reconnect with my "chickness" (Erick Matthews, Boy Meets World) and so I began hunting through my book case for further pieces of feel good chick-lit and female empowerment.  I stumbled upon my brand new-never-read-because-I-was-too-busy-when-I-bought-it- copy of Julie Powell's Julie & Julia and proceeded to split its tightly closed spine.

There is something to be said about falling in love in literature again- You just never know when the "love bug" is going to bite you... I've been bitten before of course- as my gently loved copies of V.C Andrews novels will tell- but never after such a dry-spell.  As many of you Humanities BA's out there will certainly understand, you don't have much time to read for your own personal pleasure 8 months out of the year because you're too busy reading what they want you to. Movies based on literature- which are popping up by the dozens in today's day and age of cinema- are throwing young and old back into the written word at an increasing rate.  I'm ashamed to admit that upon having watched Julie & Julia (2009) about 50 times, I had neglected Julie Powell's novel.  Back in June, I picked it up at my local bookstore for a very good price. When I had had the shiny new copy in my hand and stood before the "Employee's Picks" section of the store, I realized something horrible... I had become a victim of the cinematic experience. At that exact moment, the little book worm in my head dropped its worn copy of Dracula and opened its mouth in a silent scream. I took home three new books that day.
My much loved copies of V.C Andrews novels
My new copies.. loved as well, just not as hard *hehe*
As you know, my sister and I just renovated our shared bedroom and the differences between us are astounding. From the bed table to the bookcases, it is clear who is the book fanatic. Check it out...
              Mine........................... My sisters

Spidey McSpidington III
My sisters Le Petit Prince collection... 
Top of my bookcase :)
Top of my sisters... ... 0-0
The bed table.. from the middle to the right is all my stuff..

My sisters side table..
My side table. 
Darkula a.k.a Darky
I think it's clear to see who the book-worm is in the room... *cheers!* I'll put Darky up against any picture frame any day!! **sorry S* But getting back to the point of this post, books are my passion and I aim to feed that passion until the day I die...  Or can't see anymore... Thank God for audio books!!! There are over 200 titles on my bookcase and I intend on reading (and re-reading) them all. I will be posting a list of my alphabetized shelves (yeah, im a nerd who shelves her books in alphabetical order by author last name...) and intend on posting as I change texts.. it's going to be a fantastical year of literary abandon! 

P.s Can't wait for November when NANOWRIMO starts up... this year is going to be my best, I can feel it!!! 

Anyway, keep reading and drop me a comment or two so I know i'm not entirely alone out here in the  world wide web.. 

Happy book trails to you all <3



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