Saturday, September 1, 2012

September already.. oy!

I can't believe how quickly the summer has flown by.. first all I could think about was graduating and my sisters wedding stuff.. then we reno'd and now its the end of September 1st. You really have to keep an eye on those moments, because once they're gone.. they are gone.
Alas, we should not be despairing for summers end, but rejoicing in the next seasons beginning. Autumn is my favourite time of year. Change is in the air as the world and its wonders prepare for winter sleep. As the warm summer wind becomes a cool autumn breeze, I find myself falling in love again.. with the trees. The leaves shed their usual green and take on bright yellows and rusty oranges, cheery browns and fiery reds before fluttering softly to enhance the earth. Is there's anything better in autumn then to walk amidst the falling leaves and revel in their hues?
Perhaps I'm partial to The Fall because I'm born in November... golden topaz is the most amazing stone and I am proud to have received it by birth. The change in the worlds colours mirrors the change I undertake each year from September to December... the change in age, in maturity and wisdom among the physical changes that come with the passing time. Like the trees I too have grown my shiny green leaves and nurtured them in the sun all summer, waiting for the change to begin. And so I shed my green for colours of the sunset which bring forth inner change of life. As the sun falls, and my branches release their colourful fringes, this change settles around and upon me to prepare me for the cold that is to come. While I enjoy the winter landscape and snow falling upon the sleepy earth, I can't help but love the freedom of walking through the leaves strewn on pathways and roadways and lawns, and seeing the colours lying carelessly about against the concrete.  I love that the autumn days permit all flights of fancy before the constricting restrictions of ice and slush, snow storms and unshoveled side walks. 
Don't you just love sweater weather???
Autumn time is a time of harvesting ones self into ones own spiritual, mental and emotional siloh in preperation for the harshness that winter brings. I for one am looking forward to enjoying each Fall day, indoors or out, with a shawl around my shoulders and a pen or book in my hands.
Oh speaking of books. I've officially started my year long bookcase marathon!!! I will be posting the list en masse asap but in case you're wondering what I've read thus far, here's a small sampling...
Little Women by Luisa M. Alcott
Little Men by Luisa M. Alcottt 
Julie & Julia by Julie Powell
The French Chef by Julia Child
I'm currently on the second chapter of Little Men and loving every page!
So here's to the next year, the next season and the next chapter of the book, of my novel and of my life.  Come along with me ye who a brave soul be.. tis a perilous journey but it will be well worth doing in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's what the shawl was about! I thought it was quite hot yesterday, though.

Nice poetry! You're getting fancy!

love you