Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sitting in the Library..

I'm working on my tutorial presentation and response paper for "Women Writers" which are due tomorrow and I can't help wanting to keep you posted about our topics of discussion in the class. We are reading texts from an Anthology and the way these women write is incredible!  There is always so much strength, passion, feeling and emotion in their words it's hard to stop reading.

Take for example the writer Mary Rowlandson who had to lose children and herself to captivity by natives back in the US of the 1600's.  Her trauma and grief are provided an outlet in her writing.  She has to endure the death of one child, her youngest and can only survive it through her Puritan belief  in God and the Greater Good.  Her tale is the common one of "motherhood lost" which is continually occurring in society even now.  She provides a great example for mothers who have lost children to wars or other social injustices such as abortion or slave labour.  One must endure for the sake of her children and keep the flame of hope alive for the futurity of the generations to come. 

Think about it.. What would the world do without mothers?


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