Monday, September 26, 2011

Where the Heck Did September Go!?!?!

Wow.  Its already the last week of September. And as you can see, I have yet to increase my posting. Oh well, we'll get there some how. 

I have a TON of reading to do and so many assignments coming up, due dates looming over my head and much preparation to be done.

SO are you doing anything fun this week?

I need to stop procrastinating but I figured I'd at least give you a taste of my week to come.

So for Tuesday I have to finish reading Plato's Republic for night class and find out when the essay for that class is due.. can't find it anyone where on the syllabus or on Dr. C's website... gah. oh well

Wednesday bring a quiz in tutorial -Ugh! hate second year classes.. honestly? I think if your in upper years taking level 2 classes then you should be exempt from tutorial.  Seriously, these TA's make Seminar's look like a joke. Almost.  ALSO I have to go to our city's Cathedral for rehearsal.. my cousin, along with two friends and myself are all performing a liturgical dance at a very special mass this upcoming Sunday... we are finally going to be able to practice in the right church. let's hope it goes well. *fingers crossed*

Thursday is going to be a real blast.. Not!  I have a 2 page response paper due, which is fine considering the TA made us go around the room on the spot last week and tell us about our ideas for response.  SO I'm happy because now I just have to write it up.  Now we also signed up for tutorial presentations and since my name wasn't on the TA's initial list she just added me to the bottom and than picked a day for me to present. And as is my luck, I got September 29th.. the same day the response paper is due.  Which also means I am the first presentation.  Yay.  It's only 2-3 minutes and kinda just discussing the weekly reading, making a connection of sorts.. and at least the stars were on my side because the weeks reading is a poem!  Woo! 

So for the time being i am at a comfortable work load level but I have so much reading to do to catch up and get ahead it's going to have me bogged down for a while. Just hope I can get my stuff together before October really starts because then it's non stop one assignment, midterm or presentation after another.. and this ain't your ordinary 2% worth tutorial stuff either.. we're talking the full monty presentations of seminars worth 40% each.. *runs screaming around the room arms flailing*.

Wish me Luck. i'm gonna need it


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