Monday, October 3, 2011

October Fest? More Like October Study-Your-Brains-Out!

I had my first seminar presentation today and let me tell you... It was actually pretty good! I was kinda worried that I would tank, just because I have no faith in myself but it was for one of my favorite profs so I had the courage to get 'er done and I did!  I am so happy that it wasn't just me though, thankfully there were 3 other people assigned to the same book, each with a varying topic- race, gender, homosexuality and me, parenting which incorporated all three of those previous topics so I went last and it was a great sum up.  I think the prof really liked it and I am anxiously awaiting my marks which should be arriving via e-mail sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.  I'm going to force myself not to check my e-mail every five minutes by doing work- I'll be watching Steven Lynch vids on youtube to help procrastinate though :P Jokes* so not.

Lucky for me it's one thing after another this week.  Tomorrow I have to hand in my second response paper for early morning African American Women Writers seminar, and on Wednesday I have the honor of presenting discussion questions to my class.. oh but its not that simple.. not only do I have to think of smart questions that make a require reading comparison to something going on now, but I have to write up a preamble to my question.  Ugh!  Stupid tutorial marks.  oh well, just gonna do it as decent as I can do I get some marks... seriously, my writing will speak for itself in my essays and in the midterm next week? holy heck! It's already almost midterm?  This Suuuuuuuucks! Before you know it I'll be hunkering down writing seminar essays and prepping for bloody Dec exams.. Wow!

S.  O   .S!!!!

Naw i'll be fine, just gotta get to it.. speaking of which, I've got some books to read and some thinking and writing to do so I'll catch ya'll on the flip-flop


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Anonymous said...

Yay! Good for you to get through your first seminar presentation!