Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Catching Up To Do...

So I know I haven't posted in 15 days but I intend on making up for it this week...

For those of you who took the time to read through my Spectacular Bodies essay about  the Lady Gaga/Lady Liberty image, I can imagine you are all dying to know the grade I received!  Well, although it was a last day done type of assignment I was able to pull a wonderful grade of B!!! I'm pleased with it and terrified of the  next essay(s) that I will be writing this month.. If any are good, I will post them....so once again to those who read a giant THANKS!!

Now I had intended to post about thanksgiving and that didn't happen... and I wanted to post about Hallowe'en and that didn't happen.. YET!

Stay tuned folks as later this evening I will be submitting a post, with pictures, of the festivities so you all get to see what I dressed up as along with the costumes of my friends and family.

Right now I am sitting in the humanities library on campus as I am waiting for my night class which will begin at 7pm.  I started my day at 9:30am and sadly it will not end until 10pm but I intend to use this break between classes to get work through an assignment so that I won't have to work on it when I get home and therefore will be free to post about Hallowe'en.

!!Calling All Writers!! 
 Did You Know???
-Did you know that you could write a novel  in One Month?
-did you know that there is a writing  contest that takes place online? and its participants can get the chance to have their written work read and known by people around the world have little, no or much consequence to the literary world?
-Did you know that you could spend your entire November writing a novel?
-Did you know that there is something called Literary Abandonment and that it is sweeping the writing nation?
-Did you know that all of this is taking place in your own backyard and in surrounding yards in Canada, the US and various European countries???
-The contest is called NANOWRIMO which stands for National Novel Writing Month and you can sign up on the website listed here:

Some Inside Info:
      The contest is for anyone ages 13 and up, and it involves you giving up all excess time (and work/school/gaming/family/eating/sleeping etc time) to writing 50 000 words in ONE Month! Thats Right! From November 1st to November30th your sole task is to complete a 50 000 word novel.  You pick a genre, choose your title, can upload a book cover and then you just write!  and the best thing is, you are not allowed to edit your work until the final submission!  Seriously, imagine just writing without editing end? Awesome! 

Through the website you set up a profile, have the chance to meet and chat with other writers in your section as well as in your genre, and you keep track of and update your word count as you input the sections of your novel that you get written. 

I know 50 000 words seems like A LOT.. well that's because it is!   It averages to about 2000 something words that need to be written per day!  It is a monumental task which -to no surprise for some of you- I am undertaking as of yesterday! 

I know you are probably questioning my sanity and reasoning abilities and thinking "Why the Heck is a university student going to be trying to do a silly contest that isn't for credit! Especially during the semester's busiest month!!"

Well I haven't lost my sanity (not that I had much to being with hehe) but I have been attempting to complete this contest since November of 2008.. and to date have only ever reached 25000 words.   This year is going to be different.  I Intend of making the 50 000 word goal and I hope you will all be keeping up with me as I document my journey.  I am thinking about posting parts of my novel, or at least a synopsis and that some or most of you out there will read it.

So now I am going to return to my assignment so I can get it finished ASAP and then I am going to grab dinner before night class... am feeling like chicken teriyaki .. mmmmmm

Keep reading, I promise to keep up with my blog better this month as I know I really slacked off in October and some of you ( Ange&Faffles mostly) were saddened by it...

Cheers to university assignments in critical reading and interpretation!



Anonymous said...

Faffles and I will read it, but please do your school work first! Faffles is worried about you!
Do you know this Steve Finnell guy? Because sometimes it's spam-ish!
love you

Cristina Bilich said...

Steve Finnel totally spam! I flagged him as such.. his blog was blocked by my internet security on account of erotic material..so ew.. thanks for the heads up anto.. and don't worry Fifin.. I am OK! :D