Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally Completed Computer Room Shelving

I know I haven't posted in quite a few days ( 6 I believe) and I hope I haven't broken too many hearts out there by it. 

Anyone beyond my sister (and niece) enjoy my essay? or read my essay? read the title? look at the picture atleast?  What does everyone think of the blue writing? So far I've gotten a vote in its favor, and I'm thinking of posting alternatively in blue, especially in circumstances that involve me rambling a super long post.

Well I bet you are all DYING to know what my computer room looks like now that the shelving units are filled.. 

Check it out! 

TA-DA! The Finished Product!!!! Looks Awesome Doesn't It?? Doesn't It?

Hope you've all enjoyed this little glimpse into my space..

I will try to get back to every-night-posting, or at least multiple-times-a-week-posting...I hope.

Midterm tomorrow for Native Canadian Literature.. Wish Me Luck!

P.s Doesn't the red rose poster look great by my red IKEA lamp???



Anonymous said...

I like the hanging baskety inbox thing. And you don't have that much room to grow. I guess someone will have to either purge a few books or move out. Which (and which one) will it be?


Cristina Bilich said...

Yes, once one of my sisters leaves I will have more space.. they're stuff for teachers college takes up the bottom three shelves so once they go I will tons of room to grow...