Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Hallows Eve

So here are the long awaited pictures of my Hallowe'en fun!

I spent it with family and friends who are like extended family and we had a spooky ole' time, everyone in costume lined up on a dark driveway that is on the side of a house next to a parking lot..  It was a lot of fun, and even though we didn't have very many children come to receive free candy this year everyone enjoyed dressing up and wandering about..

Four Spooky Cousins

Grandma and(some of) her little ghouls

My Sister as The Corpse Bride

Sibling Devilry

The Vamp and the Spider Queen on a Date with Death

Cugini Love: Punk/Rocker and the Golden Ghoul

The Lady is a Vamp!

Death meets Rorschach (a Watchmen)

Family&Friends Having a Frightfully Good Time!

The Corpse Bride And Her Brother Death

Forever Engaged, only a Corpse Bride!
SO I did a lot of make-up Hallowe'en night but the best person I worked on my the above picture, my sister whom I make to look as the Corpse Bride! Now it isn't exactly the Tim Burton Corpse Bride but its the closest I could come to the real thing... and I made her entire costume!

         Well, to be honest with you, I cheated a little...
We went to a local thrift store called Talize and purchased a wedding dress for $7.99 and the blue material I used for her veil I had purchased a few years back for $5 a yard at discount fabric on Ottawa Street.  The Blue on the lace and the at the bottom of the dress was done with blue sparkle hairspray which i purchased at $2.50 a can and I used 4 cans...and I just cut up  so altogether I spent about $22.99 on a totally fantastic costume that my sister loved and everyone else that saw her loved as well!!!    Please scroll back up through the pictures to see the full view of the dress. and Let me know what you think about it!

So we enjoyed ourselves, we laughed, we danced, we sang, cheered, and did our annual traditional "Hocus Pocus" witches walk arm in arm down the drive way Capes and Skirts billowing in the wind! It was a night of splendor, wonder, fantasy, magic and horror and we loved every minute of it!  Even Granny got in on the fun (see the second image from the top) and it was awesome!!!...

We had all sorts of costumes, scary and other from the Ace of Spades, and 80's chicks, Nerds and Private Eye's,Punk Rockers and Watchmen, Vampires, Witches, Devils, Ghouls and Corpse Brides!  It was definitely a night worth remember and I'm happy you can all be privy to it thanks to the magic of technology!  

So there you have it, enjoy the look into one of my everyday moments...and please keep reading and leave me your commentary!

I'm off to do some writing now for NaNoWriMo now.. Until Tomorrow


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