Friday, November 5, 2010

Hallowee'en replayed!

 SO I got an e-mail about costume labeling and I have posted here a picture of the group from hallowe'en night with each person assigned a number and explanations will correspond to each person.

So if you're interested in meeting the crazy characters I interact with daily/weekly and their costume choices/ie alter egos... keep reading down

1-Cousin Erica dressed as a spider mistress/sorceress 2- cousin Vicky dressed as an 80's flash dance girl, 3- Me dressed as a rose vampire, 4- my friend E dressed as Rorschach from the watchmen, 5-"aunty mary" as a she-devil, 6- my sister T as the Corpse Bride, 7- cousin Daniel dressed as golden mask ghoul, 8- sisters fiancee pedro as a Private Eye, 9- brother M dressed as himself I.E Death, 10- sister S dressed as a dead punk-rocker 

1- cousin E again as spider lady, 2- cousin V again as flash dancer, 3-cousin Dan again as golden masked ghoul, 4- cousin C as the Ace of Spade card, 5- Grandma the housecoat witch, 6- Cousin Nessa as a dead nerd, 7- sister T Corpse Bride, 8- brother m as (blending in with darkness) Death

As Above: 1-friend E as Rorschach, sister S=punk, 3-cousin dan the golden ghoul, 4- pedro the private eye, 5- me the vamp, 6- T the corpse Bride, 7- Bro as Death

Hope that clears it up, sorry for the repeats and if I missed you in my pics (of my readers who were present that night) I apologize.  Wish you all could have been there it really was spooktacular! muhahahaha!


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Anonymous said...

So, cousin G did not dress up?