Friday, October 1, 2010

IKEA: Where everything is held together by little wooden pegs

Today (September 30th) my sister and I went out and bought some shelving units for our computer room/studying area in the family house.  It was a fun few hours spent wandering about IKEA and perusing all their options.

We managed to find two "Billy" Bookcases that suit our needs perfectly.  As seeing as we already have one in the room if the same style it was a match made in heaven.

We purchased a large bookcase for $69 that comes with 5 shelves and is around 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide, as well as another smaller bookcase for $49with two shelves about 4 feet tall and 1 and a half feet wide. Both are black and look just fine beside the older light cedar colored one we have had since last year.

It's taking a while to get it all up and running, and we spent the better half of this afternoon moving furniture, pulling down shelves and books, emptying the original bookcase, clearing space in the room and then building the two new bookcases and putting them up said room.  But it's almost completed and we've begun filling the shelves with the many books and items that we have.

You'd never guess how many books, textbooks, bound course packs and multiple subject notebooks 3 university undergraduates might collect over a period of 10 years but it is an incredible amount!  If I'm bored I might count it and give you an exact, if not a close approximate number some day :D

I've attached pictures of the shelving unites empty, and the room with them in it along with all the items that have to go one them.   Just for anyone wondering how they look and such.  I will post a picture of the complete final shelves/room at a later date once we decide to finish it up.

My sister and I also bought this wonderful little glass lamp.  Its an oval shape open on the top and bottom and it is round.  It's transparent red glass with opaque red flowers and butterflies all around it and when plugged in and turned on emits a warm glowing light adding such a breath-taking ambiance to our meager space.  Truly the best buy, especially for $11.  I've attached photo's of this as well.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my "personal" space, and please don't forget to comment or e-mail me here, the anonymous comment option is available now.  Thanks


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