Friday, October 8, 2010

"The Lonely Man"

One man's loneliness, another man's escape...
One man, one room, one guitar,
The only solace from the rough hand deal by life.

Seeking.  Trying.  Pleading.  Aiming

One Man...alone
One Man... waiting
One Man... hoping
One Man... praying

Where will his next meal come from?
Where will the next months rent come from?
Where will his salvation come from?

Alone.  A room.  A window.  Four walls.  Angled ceiling.

One Man... One bed... no frame.
One Man... Carpeted floor... no chair
One Man... One goal
One Man... Survivor 

Sitting alone on a mattress on the floor...
A guitar in his hand the only comfort.
Plugged in to keep him in and block everything else out.

Loneliness.  Purpose. Escape. Survival

Written while observing another being.  The inspiration for this poem.. a lonely man.
Hope you enjoyed it... comment or e-mail.  Thanks

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