Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Another Crazy Weekend

When aren't my weekends crazy? hmm interesting question.  The answer?


Between church, family stuff and homework and socializing I have had absolutely no time to blog!  In fact, my last blog was the night of September 30th-morning of Oct 1st.  Seems so long ago.  Yet, not really too long ago.

Funny how time passes by and you don't even notice...

Just some updates about my days so far:

-the shelving units in the room I am currently in are still empty, save for some textbooks and course ware of university days gone by that managed to stumble onto bottom shelves.  Oh, and the DVD's are up sort of, mostly they've been scattered about the shelves in individual piles according to genre in the hopes that eventually someone will pick up said piles and arrange them onto the shelves...fingers crossed

-on Friday night I ate at an awesome Japanese restaurant called Sapporo.  Its $25 per person/dinner and you just keep ordering things off the menu until you are full, or they run out of food or kick you out lol.  It's awesome.  Most people really love the Sushi there, I myself am not a fish eater (and my ethnic friend being gracious enough to respect my no fish policy), so we stuck to the teriyaki meats, beef and chicken, rice, veggies, buttered mushrooms (mmmm) and mango ice cream!  So Good! The wait staff also go around with endless pots of  tea and or jugs of water, which I found fantastic!  Think about it, sounds weird but, drinking something hot while eating food actually was quite pleasant.  I found i didn't get full so easily like I usually do when i get an iced-tea or carbonated drink at other restaurants.

-on Saturday after church I went out with my sister, her fiancee and my ethnic friend all went out to Sotiris- a Greek restaurant which is totally worth the twenty minute drive to Burlington!  They have the best Gyros and Pork/Chicken Souvlaki and giant portions at a great reasonable prices.  Everyone goes home with containers because even when you get the "small" size plates, you are left with something at the end of it all.  And man does it taste great re-warmed the next day!

- On Sunday (today) I went to mass as per usual and then afterward my sister and I attended one of our city's 5 annual "Life-Chain's".  For those of you who may not have heard this term before, a "life-chain" is a silent public display against Abortion/The killing of innocent babies.  Our church youth group, though small in numbers, was present along with youth from surrounding catholic high schools and parishioners young and old from the churches involved.  Everyone held a sign with a message.  And we lined up along both sides of Main street which passes by our city's university and prayed individually as well as out loud together as a group with our parish priest leading us in the holy rosary.  This location is specific and is a "life-chain" spot due to the fact that this university has a children's hospital ( one of the best in the area) in which  lives of unborn children  are carelessly and ruthlessly taken from them.  And they call it "choice".
    Our pro-life display was met with positive reactions such as drivers honking their horns and waving, smiling, giving us "thumbs-up" or "peace signs" as well as (few, but memorable) negative reactions involving drivers and passengers shaking heads with disapproving looks and scowls, sticking their heads out windows and proclaiming proudly that they had gone to that same hospital for their abortion, receiving the "Pierre Trudeau salute" or middle finger gesture, and honking with "thumbs down" sticking out of cars and trucks.  There was also alot of indifference, in which many cars just drove right past without looking at anyone/thing around them unless they were forced to stop at the stop lights of the intersection.  Interesting.  I've attached some pics of the signs we carry and the rules and such so enjoy.  If anyone wants more info on this, or wishes to discuss the issues of abortion in society today and such feel free to contact me through E-mail. Please DO NOT attack my blog,  I understand that this topic is very difficult but we must remember that this a free space, and every opinion is welcome so long as it is not destructive or inappropriate but respect is always to be remembered.  For what else is there to fight for if not for the respect of human life... 

-Following the life chain my sister and I went to my grandmothers to visit with her, our aunts, uncle and cousins and we celebrated our little cousins birthday.  She turned 14 and I can't believe how much time is flying and everyone is growing up!  It is scary and yet exciting at the same time.  Her's was the first birthday to be celebrated in my grandmother's new "house" as we just moved her from one side of the city to another this past summer in July.  So it was a big thing for my family.  It's nice to be closely connected to extended family sometimes.  Its just great to form friendships with people who you are connected by blood too.  Some people never get to see their cousins or don't have many or any at all.. my whole life and sense of identity has been formed around this idea of extended family as "true" family and I am happy and honoured and so thankful to have grown up with them all around.  If anyone wants to talk about this please post, share an experience or emotion about it, or e-mail me. hehe

Well that was my weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed reading my ramblings, I apologies for going off on a "pro-life" rant...and a "pro-family" rant as it would seem.. hehe

I hope this makes up for my lack of posts the past few days.  I am trying to stick to it and be diligent in my postings, this week I will not fail you.  I hope.  Maybe...

Thanks for reading and please comment... Goodnight/Good morning All!


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Fifin and I are really enjoying your blog. Love you lots! A&S