Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What were you thankful for??

Yesterday was Thanksgiving day here in Canada... I haven't been able to blog much these days because the entire weekend was busy with family and church. . Let's recap shall we?

On Friday I went to see a close friend so I got to relax all evening. I spent the entire next day in church from 9am til 3pm singing a memorial mass, a funeral and two weddings. Sunday involved one more hour of mass and then 10 hours of thanksgiving extended family fun from which recovery would be slow. Monday (yesterday) my siblings and parents and myself gathered together to be thankful for one another and for the second feast we would consume in the name of this auspicious holiday.

Between the turkeys and hams cooked, the potatoes and sweet potatoes, turnip and squash mashed and the pumpkin pies, there was a lot of tasty starch consumed this weekend.

I woke up this morning early so as to keep my orthodontist appointment and found that the cold-sore i'd acquired yesterday had swollen my lip to about 3 times its normal size. Suffice to say, I spent an hour rotating ice cubes on my mouth and calling my ortho to check if I should still go in. They O.K'd me and at 9:35 I was sitting in the office waiting to have my brakets tightened. Then at 11 I had to sing another funeral, which was fun.. try talking normally with a gumball glued to the left of your lower lip... now try singing like that. In spanish.

Now I'm going to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.. its 14 degrees celcius here. . . But the golden leaves and blue skies beakon me to sit and read under them.. I'm thankful for sweaters.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend Canada??


P.s 22 days til NANOWRIMO begins!!! 

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