Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the search is on!

Yesterday I woke up and decided to search the internet for job options in the city. I poked around a bit on the website of one of our smaller malls and got nothing. Then I went to the website of the bigger mall and struck job! 

There were about 20 different positions available, and out of them I was eligible to apply for 10. Odds were well in my favour...

So my sister and I travelled to the mall, copies of my resume tucked snugly into their folder. We grabbed some Arby's classics and curly fries for sustenance and strength and then set out to the locations I had put in my phone's memo.  We had to search a mall map 3 times, and I had to fill out three applications in total along with answering what I plan to do with my life, and discussing my availability with 10 different people... but I'm hoping it will all be worth the effort when I get a position or two. 

You see, I suffer from (what I like to call) pre-OSAP-repayment-anxiety... a cruel frame of mind that takes over your every moment of consciousness about 5 months after your last course, exam and essay is completed for college or university. Now this isn't really a diagnosed problem of any sort, but rather it is the psychological moment when you realize you're no longer joy riding on the back of financial assistance. And if your not careful, you could fall headlong into the obyss of debt-repayment and never see the light of day (or your own savings) again.

So here is where I currently stand... a month and 8 days away from the end of my 6 month grace period and with very little savings to my name. Hence my desperate need for employment.

Thanks to yesterday, I have a positive feeling that soon I shall be lifted out of the arms of financial stress and begin floating up into the clear blue skies of debt-freedom.

Its going to be a long journey but I'm eager to begin!

Now I've got to play the waiting game...

Wish me luck!


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