Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Hallowe'en.. 2012..

My family and I traditionally gather on every holiday of the year, so naturally Hallowe'en would be no different... family filled fun as usual.  We decided it would be best to move our gruesome feast to the Sunday prior though as everyone has to work or attend classes tomorrow.. My sisters and I got together on Saturday evening and baked up some goodies at our newly married sisters beautiful new house where the family fright-festa would be held. Everything went wonderfully well... we made cookies that kinda turned into caramelized hunks of goodness, brownies with and without nuts, peanut butter cookies and a cake- almost all of it from scratch cuz we cool like that- and astounded ourselves with our baking prowesses :D

On Sunday we went to do our usual church thing and then off to grandma's for normal communal family pasta lunch.. we planned to meet at my T&P's house for around 5 and my aunt would be bringing the fixings for homemade pizza- our All Hallows Eve traditional food of course! Everyone arrived in an untimely fashion as per usual and you can bet your bottom dollar that we "Colombian shuffled"** our way out at the end of the night!  Allow me to share some pictures of Sunday evenings festive frivolity with you:

A deliciously frightening feast indeed!

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere!!

Don't you just love Hallowe'en themed candy? We Do!!

Creepy Cake Anyone?

A motley crew if I ever saw one ;)

Traditional Hallowe'en 'za.. yum!

C&E... best of all our prior  Hallows Eve mugshots !! <3
See the person on my sisters right?  That's what happens when you show up t
o our family's Hallowe'en shin-dig without a costume...
It's the sparkly spider witches boa trimmed hat for you sir!
Mr & Mrs T & P.. I now pronounce you cowboy and devil?? hmmmm
E and her Mama.. my cousins average height, her Ma is just slightly below it ;)
My cousin D and one of his many crazy masks
Superman's actually Moses?? Love it!!

What do you think?? We had a pretty successful evening i'd say! I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my crazy family as per usual :) 

So Happy Hallowe'en to one and all.. I hope its warm and not stormy where you are and that you don't forget your deceased loved ones on this All Hallows Eve..

RIP all the deceased of our Sorgente, Angelini, Mleczko, Bilich, & Smith Families <3
God Bless You on This Years Eve of Hallows... I light a candle for all our gone loved ones

 Riposano In Pace;  Nonno Gianni... Grandma Mleczko.. Mauro Piccari - Gone but not forgotten!


**NB** no offence intended to Colombians... our grandparents, mothers, aunts etc lived in Colombia and were born there, immersed in the culture and language.. The Colombian Shuffle is our family's term for the prolonged good-bye and exiting of any and all gatherings...

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Anthony De Feo said...

I love all the food and the costumes! I especially enjoyed Superman Moses; handsome devil he is;)