Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nothing better than a rainy Saturday morning :(

I went to sleep early last and for some reason my body decided to wake me up every hour, on the hour for the last 5 hours... and at the strangest time too- 5:50, 6:49, 7:48, 8:47... notice the pattern?? Weird right?

Unfortunately I got to thinking too much last night and my brain wouldn't let my body rest peacefully. At least its cooled down a lot since mid-August but the rain tends to make mornings a little more depressing than usual.

Last Wednesday night I got my hair cut... and I'm finally adjusted to it. I needed a change desperately and my hairdresser was more than happy to comply. She cut off 4 inches all around and gave me some side layers. I haven't had bangs of any sort since highschool- Yikes! But I'm glad to have them back now. Its a pain when your walking in windy weather but altogether more fun to flip and toss at random :)

I've spent the past 2 days helping my parents reno their bedroom.. let me tell ya.. you accumulate a ridiculous amount of stuff over 30+ years of marriage.. and all of it with a distinct memory attached. Unlike my bedroom reno, I'm not doing everything *hehe* and I'm especially not going to be painting or spackling. I left that up to my dear old dad who surprisingly enough, is pretty handy with a paint roller. I took on the tasks of emptying the room, building the IKEA furniture (a big sliding door wardrobe and 2 bedside tables) and putting everything back in the room. My sisters have also made me the purge police- not an easy feat- which entails getting a 59 year old housewife to let go of the little meaningful and precious "things" she's been holding onto before marriage was even in her mind. *sigh* its going to be a fun next few days but I hope to keep my energy up or else I fear catastrophy.

I have to sing at a polish wedding this afternoon- the Ave Maria in G.. if you know anything about me, you will know how much I fear that song in that key. I know what you're thinking... G isn't a high key. . Well it is for someone who loves the alto range and can't hit anything over an A clearly or loudly to save her life. I went to meet with the polish organist the other day and luckily for me, they have a top notch sound system and very good acoustics.. so as long as the notes come out, I'll be heard. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck at 2pm today.

I'm so excited because I'm finally getting out of the house and out of the Hammer for a spell!!! My cousin invited me out to Toronto and I have been looking forward to it all week. This crazy renovating queen needs a break! I'm bringing a book and notebook alogn with me, even though the express bus only takes a half hour or so.. but it will be nice to have Jo March- Bhaer and the Plumfield Boys for company :)

Can't wait to tell you all about my adventure, and until then, have a lovely weekend. Hope its dry where you are :D


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