Friday, June 1, 2012

June already...

Today I woke up and realized that it's June 1st..which considering Ive been sitting around doing practically nothing since May 1st means that I have now officially wasted one whole month of my "summer vacation".

*sigh* I really need to find a job...

*bangs head off computer desk* why can't I get myself going already?

*stares blankly at screen*

Okay I'm back.  SO im going to help  a family friend with a school presentation for his ESL class.. which is good because it forces me to exercise my brain and I get to help someone out.  But it sucks because the weather outside is ugly and grey and rainy and wet which means im undoubtedly going to step in a puddle or be hit by one from a careless inconsiderate driver.  Ah the life of a pedestrian. Oh well, It's all for the "greater Good" right?   :)

Im starting a countdown right now because in almost exactly 10 days and just under two hours I will be sitting in a long winded convocation ceremony waiting to receive that oh-too-important-little-piece-of-paper which signifies I studied at the expense of the gov't for 5 years! That's right! in 10 days 1 hour and 20 minutes from right now I will hear the provost say " I confer upon you the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Honors... Congratulations!" and I will have my hood placed to proudly show my program colors and receive my beautiful diploma which will when be stuck into the "linear frame" I pre-ordered last month!  Isn't it wonderful!?!!!

Well, Im off to scowl about in the rain and deal with a heavily accented Hungarian priest.. Wish me Luck!


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Anonymous said...

I was wondering who this "family friend" was. Now I get it. Funny!

Hope you're hanging in there.
lots of love
from us