Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coolest thing i saw today..

On a well known and recently frequented street in my home town, the arts crowd is doing some awesome things... such as weekly art crawls and new personal galleries opening.  On a wooden fence between a small gallery and a fancy restaurant an artist called TheHeartofaChild (sp?) placed a number of small framed photographs and a paper board with push pins and a carton of index cards inviting people to take an index and fill it out with something positive and then tack it to the fence.

I spent half an hour this evening examining the artist photos- ranging from a cat to a public garbage can and an alley way- and reading over each of the index cards written, doodled on and or signed by passersby.  The artist also included small type written notes throughout thanking people for leaving positivity and stating their name and love for personal small type writers.  

Although the index card envelope was empty it did not deter people from using advertisements or pieces of "scrap" paper and tacking them "as is" or writing on them and placing them on the fence. Also interestingly, someone wrote on the empty envelope "more index cards needed please!" Which is totally cool.  I'm sure the artist is happy that their project was such a hit with the "general populace".

Aboslutely something worth posting about.

Check out the pic I took of it from afar- you can probably enlargen it to see some of the index comments more clearly. If your further interested I can enlarged parts and repost.

Thanks for reading!!


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