Monday, June 11, 2012

I did it.. i did it! I said that i could do it and indeed i did!

Convocation day today. Went really well! I'm officially a university graduate with the official documentation to proove it :)  we were the 501st McMaster U convocation which is a pretty awesome milestone!

Thanks to everyone who has helped, guided and supported me these past 5 years xoxo love you all!

The ceremony was 3 hours but totally worth it, from the epic bagpiper to the speech by the presently conferred doctor of letters honoris causa- AA Bronson! (If u don't know who he is.. check him out.. definitely a giant as far as canadian artists and free thinkers go)..

Here's a picture of the convocation guest ticket I had for my family.. ps they were actually blue but you know how camera flashes change everything lol and Check out my diploma too! Its stylin!

So I'm off to bed with a final ecstatic Wooooooooooooo!
As we were told by the chancelor at the end of the. Ceremony, "your future, and the future world, begins as soon as you leave the building" and now that I'm home I feel the change more than ever!

Life is for living.. its time to go forth into the future and navigate the channels of my existence!


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Anthony De Feo said...

Feels great doesn't it?! Now off to the big bad world we go!:D I'm still stuck in educational "bliss" for the next 2 years:P...oh well, definitely worth it in the end:) I'll have TWO pieces of paper to hang up on my wall of greatness;)